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Kaizo 2021Support Hero Award

At Kaizo, we know that customer support is core to the success of any business so whether your staff is working from home, or in the office, or some combination, we’d like to help you praise the support heroes at your company and show recognition and reward for their contributions during challenging times.

Our Selection Process

We received over 150+ nominations via an anonymous survey across 8 categories selected by leaders from the Customer Support industry.

The Kaizo team, lead by our Customer Support Lead, selected the top three nominees per category as finalists based on the recommendations of their colleagues.

All finalists received three questions to answer based on the category in which they were nominated. Winners of the 2021 Kaizo Support Hero Award for each category were selected by a panel of current and former Heads of Customer Support representing well-known, global companies.

Complete the form below to nominate a support hero at your company. (Deadline: September 30th, 2021)

Write a nice message of why you’re nominating them as your customer support hero.

We’ll pass your message and name along and announce the winners during Customer Service Week.

What’s in Store?

Surprise your customer support colleague with Apple Macbook, headphones, and much more