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Customer Support Agent Empowerment Survey 2021

📣 Calling all customer support agents 📣

The customer support industry is evolving rapidly. However, it’s still not perfect. For many support agents around the globe there are certain elements of the role that leave them feeling unempowered and frankly dissatisfied.


We want to change that!


This anonymous 6-minute survey will consist of a number of simple questions to get an understanding of your needs and wants to work to the best of your ability as a support agent in a modern workforce.


💰 What's in it for me? 💰

Here are 2 reasons why you should take the survey:

Make a change: Join 100’s of support agents to help build happier, healthier customer support teams around the world.

Rewards, rewards, rewards: Each agent that submits a survey with their email address will go into the running to win 1 of 20 x $20 Amazon gift cards.

With your help, this report will give a voice to #supportheroes to help make a change towards building happier and more productive customer support teams.

Feel like you have more to share on the subject? We will leave an option at the end of the survey to schedule an additional interview for those who want to provide more valuable insights.