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Kaizo vs EvaluAgent: Which one is best for both QA and agent development?

Kaizo vs Evaluagent comparison

Every now and then you come across two customer support operation tools that seem so similar you simply can’t tell which one would be the best option for you.

That’s the case for Kaizo and EvaluAgent. 

At a glance, they both offer QA and performance coaching options. Dig in deeper and test the tools yourself and you’ll find loads of differences between the two.

Let us show you what to keep an eye on!

Kaizo vs EvaluAgent: At a glance

Kaizo vs Evaluagent comparison table

Kaizo vs EvaluAgent: When to choose each of them

Kaizo is a complete customer support operations suite. This means it’s best suited for teams looking to handle QA, performance management, and agent engagement. In particular, it’s best suited for you if you want to offer your entire team a better (and more fun) work experience without skimping on the quality of QA efforts.

EvaluAgent excels when it comes to automating customer feedback collection and analysis. So the tool’s worth a try if you’re currently prioritizing getting a better overview into what your customers really want and how they feel about your support service.

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Kaizo vs EvaluAgent: Are they similar?

Kaizo and EvaluAgent boast strong quality assurance capabilities including Auto QA, customizable scorecards, and ticket filtering. However, it’s worth noting that EvaluAgent doesn’t offer Auto QA metrics like Kaizo does.

Kaizo’s Auto QA analysis feature

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The two tools also boast strong performance coaching capabilities. You can use either of the two to schedule coaching meetings, assign tasks, share agent feedback, foster collaboration, and report on outcomes.

Coaching platform in Kaizo

Kaizo vs EvaluAgent: How are they different

Let’s look at some more differentiators (besides the QA features mentioned above) in more detail!

Workforce engagement and gamification

Unfortunately, EvaluAgent doesn’t come with any workforce engagement features. Kaizo, on the other hand, provides these and relies on gamification to help you offer a fun work experience to your team. 
Kaizo’s Missions employ a distinctive gamification approach that directs teams towards delivering exceptional customer service, especially during peak demand and backlog situations. Each agent is represented by a ninja avatar, earning rewards for achieving goals in speed, quality, and productivity.

Goal setting in Kaizo

AI functionalities

Many customer support operation platforms are still introducing AI capabilities to their stack. EvaluAgent is one of those tools with limited AI capabilities. With EvaluAgent, AI is strictly used for their Auto QA to help you assess and flag high-risk conversations through the analysis of calls, chats, and tickets.

Kaizo employs artificial intelligence to help with a larger variety of use cases including:

  • Rating 100% of your tickets in real time through Auto QA
  • Easily spotting low customer and agent sentiments
  • Leveraging AI-generated goals to drive motivation
  • Sorting tickets by Sentiment and Empathy
  • Generating GPT summaries of calls and conversations
  • And more with the AI-based Samurai extension!

Insights and reporting

EvaluAgent lacks built-in capabilities for evaluating agent performance. In contrast, Kaizo provides comprehensive insights into both quality assurance and agent performance within a single tool. Additionally, Kaizo grants you access to real-time performance data on over 35 metrics, simplifying the process of monitoring and improving agent effectiveness.

reporting in Kaizo

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EvaluAgent also doesn’t come with customer satisfaction and internal scoring surveys. With Kaizo’s Scorecard, agents can challenge a bad review that’s bringing down their performance metrics. This allows you to calculate your true CSAT score and ensure a fair evaluation and scoring of your agents.

Zendesk and Salesforce integration

Both tools offer Zendesk and Salesforce integration. However, EvaluAgent lacks the user authentication and ticket view window provided by Kaizo. Some users report the Zendesk-EvaluAgent integration setup is rigid and the data retrieved from tickets isn’t accurate

Additionally, EvaluAgent’s integration with Zendesk isn’t as seamless as Kaizo’s very own Kaizo Quick Access which allows you to run Missions along with a lot of other processes directly within Zendesk.

With the Zendesk/Salesforce and Kaizo integration, you instantly get all necessary authorizations so you can start using Kaizo immediately without extra steps. This process is straightforward and only requires a few clicks, making it more user-friendly than other tools.

From the end-user’s perspective: In Kaizo, the view of agent conversations from Zendesk is better thanks to the fact that it pulls more detailed data from Zendesk. It also displays key performance metrics like CSAT, FRT, and PR. With Kaizo-Zendesk you can also see status changes that provide insights into whether the agent followed the correct ticket-handling procedures.

Expected costs

Both tools offer transparent pricing. EvaluAgent plans start at £18 per user per month. However, expect to pay extra for add-ons such as One-to-Ones and Actions, eLearning, and even Auto-QA.

With Kaizo, pricing starts at $16 per user per month and gives you access to all the features available in the tool.  

The business value of Kaizo

Businesses with large support teams use Kaizo to improve the experience for agents, managers, QA raters, and customers alike. Between 2020 and 2021, Foot Locker Europe cut Resolution Time by 75% and Reply Time by 37% in their Customer Care contact center. END. have also been steadily increasing their Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) by 5% month on month, and reduced their Resolution Time by almost 66%.

All teams using Kaizo are also saving considerable time on previously time-consuming tasks:

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