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Drive team engagement, guide skill development, and boost service efficiency with gamification & AI

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Turn your agents into performance heroes!

Personalized Skill Building through a simplified, skill-based point system
Weekly Personal Goals enabling ownership of performance & output
Productivity-based Avatar Levelling for long-term agent recognition & reward systems
Integrated Onboarding to educate agents on their performance levels
Team Engagement Dashboard to spur team spirit, engagement, and goals alignment

Improve your team’sproductivityand manage more agents per team lead

Guide your agents towards improving their skills andself-managing their goals

Boost engagement and retain higher-performing agents longer

Improve operational efficiency. Manage multiple teams easily

Loved by Customer Support Teams

Kaizo helped us to increase the productivity of our agents and make their achievements visible. This led to quality improvements, time savings and our team are more motivated now.
Jan Brenneke
VP Operations Talixo
Since the transition to working remotely, Kaizo has taken the burden off many challenges we would have otherwise faced as a team. The Arena shows me a side by side overview of how each of my agents is performing in real-time and agents are able to set their own goals, saving me hours in individual Teams calls, messages and morning alignments.
Christian Becker
Co-founder, Fintiba

Kaizo Scorecards and QA

Fully integrated with our Agent Scorecards, Team Scorecard, and QA solution

Agent & Team Scorecards for real-time root-causing

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Customized QA rating & notes to improve your service quality

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