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Agents' Dojo

Empower your agents with skill-building, weekly challenges, and real-time feedback.
Personal training space to boost agents' productivity and engagement
Weekly personal goals to help your agents grow
Achievements history to help the agents' track their results
Personal Ninja avatar that levels up as agents' skills improve


Ditch your spreadsheets. Save time on analyzing metrics with real-time overviews of your team’s performance
Insights on the agents' progress towards their personal goals
Customized view with multiple filters


Get insights and measure your team's success with a 360° real-time overview of agents' performance.
Agent's scorecard with 50+ personal real-time metrics
QA rating customized with criteria you define
Heatmap to track agents’ working hours excluding breaks
Incident drill-ins to check each client's request
Further drill-ins to provide direct feedback to agents, even remote

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