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Provide real-time feedback to your agents and improve service quality with Kaizo Quality Assurance solution

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Boost customer satisfaction with QA tool for customer support!

Rate tickets based on the quality criteria you define
Leave notes to provide real-time feedback and coaching

Say Goodbye to your spreadsheets with Kaizo Quality Assurance software

Save cost & time with fully customized conversation review tool

Introduce peer-to-peer review - let agents help each other grow professionally

Loved by Customer Support Teams

The Kaizo App really helps understand what our agents are doing. We not only see what each agent does, but we can also improve them on this, which can help upgrade our whole CS team. Its Quality Assurance tool and Agent Scorecard really make a difference. Great effort!
Bram Greijmans
Business Operations Specialist SendCloud
The Kaizo made sure I could throw all of our Excel-sheets in the 'trashcan'. It has already saved me a lot of time and will save me even more in the future. I also really like the look-and-feel, it's a well-thought-out app.
Ingmar Lodewijk
Quality Officer


In addition to QA, you will get our Agent Scorecard

50+ real-time individual agent’s performance metrics

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Incident drill-ins and notes to check clients' requests and provide instant feedback

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