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Evaluate your team performance within seconds!

Performance Team Scorecard with real-time metrics in your timezone
Comparisons of your agents' results across teams
Customised reports by teams, channels, metrics & QA, date & timezones
Totals & Trends analysis to track & predict overall team progress

Save hours of your time. Stop copying metrics to spreadsheets

Become a support metrics hero. All without a data analytics degree

Nail data-driven forecasting. Plan your team capacity wisely

One single control center. Manage multiple teams easily

Loved by Customer Support Teams

When we’re in a peak period with a heavy backlog, it’s super important to be able to quickly overview how our team is performing. With Kaizo we can track our teams’ comments per hour in real-time and use this for data-driven forecasting.
Charles Damore
Global CC Ops Excellence Specialist
Seeing 3 metrics side by side helps build a picture. We can understand correlations between certain metrics such as average response time & CSAT and drill in to see what we can work on to fix larger scale problems
Mike Miner
Team Scorecard saves me 3-4 hours every week on metrics analysis. Now I can spend this time improving my 2nd line team’s operational processes
Ingmar Lodewijk
Quality Officer

Try now all the features

  • Real-time performance metrics

  • Comparisons of agents’ performances

  • Customised reports by data, channels & teams

  • Data export

  • Trends analysis

  • Team totals & averages

  • Views by timezone

  • Historical data access

  • Custom team roles & permissions

Scorecard and QA

In addition to the Team Scorecard you will get our Agent Scorecard & QA rating for free

50+ real-time individual agent’s performance metrics

free access

Customized QA rating to improve your service quality

free access

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