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Kaizo 2022

Support Hero Award

We believe that customer support is the foundation of any company’s success. Yet sometimes it’s challenging to extend recognition for their efforts, especially when staff members are located all over the world. So whether your team is distributed or centralized, we’d like to help you praise the ones who make a difference.
Simply nominate your favorite Support Hero colleague by September 30th to celebrate their great contribution to delivering outstanding customer service. We will share the nominees on October 3-7 when the whole world is celebrating the Customer Service Week. The nominees will get a chance to win appreciation gifts (and the latest Apple iPad is one of them ;))

Complete the form below to nominate a support hero at your company. (Deadline: September 30th, 2022)

Write a nice message of why you’re nominating them as your Customer Support Hero.

We’ll analyze your answers and announce the winners during Customer Service Week.

What’s in Store?

Surprise your customer support colleague with the latest Apple iPad Pro, headphones, and much more