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7 strategies for successfully scaling customer support

As your team grows and you start scaling customer support, you’ll likely face some increasing [and interesting] challenges.

But with the right strategies in place, bigger teams or more tickets don’t necessarily mean more headaches.

We’ve gathered all the best practices that will help ensure that your customer support efforts keep up. Even as your team and workload expand.

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The ‘DO NOT’ checklist for building QA scorecards in customer service

Measuring the quality of customer service is vital for any business. A well-designed QA scorecard helps you identify areas for improvement, guide future training, and focus on individual performance.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at common mistakes to avoid and show you how to improve your scorecard. By sidestepping these pitfalls, you'll end up with a system that accurately reflects the quality of your customer service and sets you up for success.

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How to choose the right customer service software

Customer service software can make the difference between mediocre, good, and excellent customer experiences.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ll start with the basics of customer support software: what it is, the different types, and how it benefits your team. Then, we’ll wrap up with a step-by-step path you need to take before you settle for ‘the one’.

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Customer retention: 7 expert-backed strategies for 2022

Customer retention is a process of ensuring that customers continue to do business with you. The better job you do at retaining your customers, the more likely you’ll be able to build and sustain a profitable business.

This guide delves into the reasons why customer retention should be the ultimate goal of any customer support team and provides actionable strategies you can implement to ensure your customers keep coming back.


5 customer service email templates + PRO tips

Customers hate robotic emails from customer service teams. In most cases, they don't even open those. But it doesn't have to be like that.

In this guide, you will learn how to create emails customers will enjoy reading; how to make them welcoming and engaging so that email becomes one of your go-to channels to ensure brand loyalty.  

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14+ tips for rewarding employees for great customer service

With a fair system of rewards, you can encourage your customer service repersentatives to go above and beyong for customer satisfaction. And it's not only that — rewards can also help you improve employee satisfaction and retention overall, which always has a positive effect on business outputs.

Ready for some tips?

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How to give call center quality feedback that works

In order to learn and grow, customer service agents need top-notch feedback.

It is an essential part of the quality assurance framework for your call center. Quality feedback in a call center can be tricky, though.

To help you set your customer service team up for success, we’ve rounded up our best call center quality feedback examples that work.

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Customer Service Goals 2022 + SMART Examples

Customer service goals are targets that can inspire, engage, and motivate your customer service team.

Working together to achieve a common goal — it’s a noble cause, but how exactly do you accomplish it? Your customer service goals can be a source of inspiration for your entire team — if you set them up for success.

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Customer Service Quality Assurance Checklist

Customer service quality assurance (QA) has shifted from a nice-to-have to a crucial department within most modern service teams. The hardest part of QA is the first step — setting up your QA checklist.

If you are setting up your customer service team’s QA program, you’re probably asking yourself a number of questions. How do I define quality for my team? How do we measure it? Download this free e-Book to find the answers of these questions.

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15 essential strategies to improve customer service performance in 2022

Having the tools to show your team their performance and impact on the customer experience can help them improve their performance. The right tools will help you take corrective action before it is too late. Genuine, continuous conversations with your team will help them improve their performance and increase your customer retention rate.

Here you’ll learn 15 strategies to improve customer service performance in 2022, so let’s dive in.

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10 Unique Quality Assurance Templates for Brilliant Customer Service

Quality assurance is a crucial component to delivering top-notch customer service. It’s the practice of making sure that every product or service meets or exceeds a certain standard of quality.

In order to make sure you’re providing beyond-expectation quality, you need a plan or template to follow every time you encounter a customer.

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17 Roads to Improved Quality Assurance with Performance Coaching

What are the actionable steps you can take to get your Quality Assurance to the next level? And what does Performance Coaching have to do with it? In this handy guide, we’ll walk you through the concepts and give you 17 working strategies for improved results.

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Customer Support Agent Empowerment Report

This report provides groundbreaking insights into the minds of the world’s support heroes. We hope this helps you better understand what your agents require to succeed and in turn, develop healthier, more productive customer service teams.

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Quality Assurance Handbook

How and when should you implement customer service quality assurance in your support team? In this handbook, we’ll look at what customer service QA is, why it’s important, how to scale your processes, and more.

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Scaling Success

How 10 of Europe's fastest-growing startups overcame the challenges of scaling and took their customer service to another level

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Operational Efficiency

The leading customer service experts in the e-commerce industry share their tips and best practices for boosting operational efficiency in peak and low periods.

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Interviews with customer support professionals from leading companies, including: