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Meet Samurai, your AI-powered support warrior!

Samurai is all things AI.

It cuts manual labor, eliminates manager headaches, and makes customer support a breeze.

Samurai equips support leaders with a suite of powerful AI-driven features that seamlessly blend with existing workflows. It helps you monitor, evaluate, coach, and motivate customer support teams in a matter of seconds!

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AI-powered Quality Assurance

-> Auto QA: rate 100% of tickets in real time
-> Instantly detect issues by analyzing root causes
-> Easily spot low customer and agent sentiments
-> Automatically see critical tickets for review

Automated ticket analysis

-> Sort tickets by Sentiment & Empathy
-> AI-filter tickets based on any criteria
-> Skip call listening with accurate call transcripts
-> Skim GPT summaries of calls & conversations

AI-driven Workforce Engagement

-> Leverage AI-generated goals to drive motivation
-> Analyze performance to pinpoint knowledge gaps
-> Use Sentiment-based Missions for focused growth
-> Track goal progress and celebrate successes
-> Use in-app rewards to recognize top achievers

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