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Nurture talent to achieve support excellence

Drive performance success through targeted coaching. Engage in real-time communication with your agents, guiding them towards improvement.

Kaizo's Coaching Cards

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Communicate with agents in real time

-> Instantly communicate with agents, providing them with clear explanations and guidance for performance improvement

-> Streamline task management by setting up and assigning tasks with due dates, ensuring efficient workflow.

-> Consolidate all relevant tickets in one centralised location, allowing for easy access and reference during communication.

Build a coaching culture

-> Schedule regular check-ins with Kaizo’s 1:1 meeting cards.

-> Tailor your coaching approach to focus on specific results or summarize monthly performance with ease.

-> Stay informed and foster collaboration with instant notifications about Coaching Cards

Track your agents’ progress

-> Track progress and provide corrective guidance when needed, empowering agents for continuous improvement

-> Discuss results and recognize agents for their efforts, cultivating a positive and supportive environment

-> Monitor agent progress and check off completed tasks for streamlined collaboration and progress tracking.

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