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QA will never be a problem again

Enjoy full Quality Assurance support with AI ticket analysis, automated insights, and ticket summaries. No experience needed to start.

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Fully control the ticket funnel

-> Filter tickets by sentiment to spot positive/negative conversations and uncover the root causes behind negative agent ratings.

-> Skim through GPT-generated summaries and sort conversations based on tags, channels, and metrics you need to focus on.

-> Prioritize critical conversations for targeted improvements and exceptional service.

Pull all data into one dashboard

-> Instantly access individual and team support quality levels for timely decision-making.

-> Eliminate call listening by looking at call summaries & conversation sentiments.

-> Export all data in CSV and do reporting your way.

Build 100% customizable QA

-> Define and evaluate quality based on your own standards and goals.

-> Set your own IQS targets, parameters, and metrics to prioritise what matters most.

-> Choose how many weekly QA ratings you need completed and ensure quality evaluation directly supports your organisational objectives.

See key data directly in Zendesk

-> Rate tickets directly within Zendesk to save time and avoid tab jumping.

-> Communicate with agents in real time and give them feedback about supported tickets on the spot.

-> Alert agents to critical mistakes early on and accelerate performance progress.

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