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  • Streamline quality assurance for your customer service in real time
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Get a holistic view of your quality assurance

  • No siloed data. See productivity and quality assurance metrics dashboard side by side¬†
  • Track & compare your¬†team¬†performance and zoom into¬†agents' individual scorecards
  • Pinpoint issues¬†beforehand to facilitate team improvement

Customize and integrate your quality assurance

  • Customise the¬†review criteria¬†for your team
  • Leave notes¬†to provide real-time quality feedback and coaching
  • Simplify Zendesk quality assurance with¬†smart notifications¬†

The plan of action is something we missed before Kaizo. We now have the agendas and those performance insights. We can really delve into the data and put something in place to say: this is where we’re going to go, this is where you need help.

Noreen McDaid
Customer Service Manager at

When we have a heavy backlog, it’s super important to be able to quickly overview how our team is performing. With Kaizo, we can track our comments per hour in real-time and use this for data-driven forecasting

Petra Hageman
Former Head of Customer Service at

With Kaizo we increased our output by 30% in just a few months, and have cut our First Reply Time by 50%.

Daliela Healy
Operations Manager at

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