Challenge agents to reach new heights

Fuel agent success with personalized goals, transparent communication, and effortless tracking. And let AI do most of the work for you.

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Set personalized goals with AI Missions

-> Optimize goal setup with AI-powered recommendations, giving personalized and challenging Missions to each agent.

-> Let Kaizo’s AI generate Empathy-based Missions to give your agents goals that stem from their own performance. 

-> Empower agents with purposeful objectives that go beyond repetitive tasks to drive motivation and engagement.

Provide clear KPIs and focus points

-> Communicate company KPIs and individual focus points to ensure alignment with organizational objectives.

-> Foster a sense of purpose by helping agents understand their contribution to the bigger picture.

-> Give agents a clear roadmap to success, aligning their efforts with organizational goals.

Simplify performance evaluation

-> Track personal or team achievements directly inside Zendesk, no need to switch platforms.

-> Streamline performance evaluation by accessing all relevant data within your work environment

-> Foster a data-driven culture by giving agents real-time visibility into their progress, promoting accountability and self-motivation.

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