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Create Missions that drive results

Steer your team towards successful outcomes

  • Align teams around missions, time-based challenges based around historical performance and priorities
  • Missions deliver ownership in your team's development and keeps them focused on what matters most
  • Follow the SMART framework when setting goals for your agents

Reward and celebrate achievements

  • Engage agents by instantly quantifying and gratifying their successes
  • Set 1:1 meetings to give agents actionable feedback and praise for their work
  • Give ownership in your team's development and keep agents focused on what matters most

In the past, we would have a meeting with someone and set objectives, but we lacked that visibility Kaizo offers and it was difficult to keep track of the objectives. The team that we've got at the moment is one of the best customer support teams we have ever had.

Jessica Sinclair
Customer Service Team Leader at

When we have a heavy backlog, it’s super important to be able to quickly overview how our team is performing. With Kaizo, we can track our comments per hour in real-time and use this for data-driven forecasting

Petra Hageman
Former Head of Customer Service at

With Kaizo we increased our output by 30% in just a few months, and have cut our First Reply Time by 50%.

Daliela Healy
Operations Manager at

The “Arena” section is definitely a favourite tool, which boosted our agent’s competitive spirit and aspiration for greater results. In a nutshell - lots of data, useful details and an intuitive interface.

Anton Valchev
Head of Client Relations

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