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We empower your hybrid workforce to be more efficient, engaged and productive, so they can exceed their own performance expectations.

Who are we?

-> We are a dynamic Amsterdam-based startup, where innovation meets customer support management. Our all-in-one platform empowers large teams to excel in the fast-paced digital era.

-> At our core, we believe that effective team performance is the key to organisational success. And this is exactly what we’re trying to create — an AI-powered tool that will shake up the customer support world and change the way you deliver support.

-> We are a group of passionate individuals who are constantly embracing the fast-paced nature of the digital landscape while buzzing with new ideas.

And we buzz all over the world!

$7 million in total
funding reached

650% more

more ARR

workation in
La Spezia

in 2018

Office in the heart
of Amsterdam

in Lisbon

10 new team

150+ agents
for Kaizo
Support Hero Award

Our values

We are committed to making customer support a breeze. We safeguard data, communicate, and learn every step of the way — all to create a stress-free work environment everywhere around. We believe that excellent customer service should be the global standard and we help our customers get there first!

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