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Auto QA: Every ticket, every time, rated automatically

Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to maximize rating efficiency without increasing headcount. Set your quality standards to kick-off the ratings and take full control of the process!

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Onboard Samurai on quality standards

->Provide details on how Auto QA should align with existing company policies
->Prompt-engineer our GPT model to capture nuanced aspects of customer support interactions
-> Set guidelines for when and how language should be used, ensuring consistency with your brand image

Automatically rate complex criteria

-> Go beyond soft skills to rate procedure-based criteria specific for your business
-> Leverage Auto QA to rate up to 100% of tickets using your specified prompts
-> Ensure seamless integration with established procedures and workflows

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AI feedback for QA

Give agents automated feedback

-> Enable Samurai to provide agents with automated feedback on their performance
-> Encourage team-wide engagement with insights for collective learning and enhancement
-> Gain a 360-degree view of agent performance through Auto QA.

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