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*Billed in local currency.


$ 12 per agent/per month*

For advanced real-time assessment and controlling of teams & agents

  • 2 week trial
  • Configurable Agent Scorecard — 50+ real-time individual metrics
  • Customizable, Zendesk integrated QA rating
  • Heat-map to track activity without breaks
  • Incident drill-ins to root cause
  • Configurable Team Scorecard with real-time metrics based on teams, time frames, and channels
  • Customizable team, role, access, and channels settings


$ 29 per agent/per month*

For unified operational management, team development, and engagement

  • 2 week trial
  • Everything in the "Lite" plan
  • Unlimited historic performance data access
  • Advanced QA rating with reporting
  • Active agent training and skill development
  • Gamified agent motivation & engagement with avatars and levels
  • Agile performance steering of agents & teams towards own KPIs
  • Dynamic agent assessment & controlling based on performance goals



For teams with additional control, compliance, support, and security requirements

  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Unallocated seating
  • 24/7 support
  • Personal team onboarding
  • Platform customization
  • Special security & compliance setups
  • SLA integration
Agent Scorecard: 50+ real-time individual metrics
Team Scorecard with team metrics
Standard QA rating
Customized QA rating (with custom criteria)
Activity heatmap to track performance without breaks
Incident Drill-in to root cause
3 month access to historic data
Unlimited access to historic data
Personal agents' training space
Agents' skills development
Weekly goals
Levelling with personal avatar
Agent personal assessment week
Gamified Basic Point System
Gamified Custom Point System
Customized team overview of goals accomplishment
Custom roles & permissions
Custom teams
Bad ratings & reopens challenge
Team totals & averages
Performance trends analysis
Data export (from the Agent Scorecards and the Team Scorecard)
Customized reports by teams, channels, metrics & QA, dates & timezones
Comparisons of agents results across teams
Allocated seating
Custom Missions
24/7 Support
Platform Customization
Personal Team Onboarding
Dynamic Points Setup

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