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AI-powered Quality Assurance

Reach 100% coverage

-> Rate all tickets in real time with Auto QA
-> Organize tickets by Sentiment & Empathy levels
-> Swiftly detect issues by analyzing root causes
-> Review GPT-generated conversation summaries 
-> Filter tickets effortlessly using AI-based criteria

Real-time Performance Insights

Minimize metric analysis time

-> Check performance drill-ins for rapid issue detection
-> Pinpoint underperformers and strategize coaching
-> Swiftly compare team and individual outcomes
-> Generate precise reports with just a few clicks

Performance Coaching

Point agents in the right direction

-> Identify root causes behind negative results
-> Build improvement roadmaps based on data insights
-> Foster a continuous feedback loop powered by AI
-> Guide your team towards improvement
-> Gain complete control over the coaching cycle

Agent Motivation

Reach peak performance

-> Drive agent engagement with gamification
-> Use AI-generated goals to motivate agents
-> Celebrate achievements and offer in-app rewards
-> Cultivate a dynamic and committed workforce

Kaizo Support Hero Award 2023

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