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5 Best Assembled alternatives: a comparative review

assembled alternatives reviews

Assembled is a workforce management platform built to empower modern support teams with enhanced staffing accuracy, simplified schedule creation, and improved cross-team visibility into performance data, enabling them to excel and advocate for their needs.

However, Assembled is just a performance management platform. You can’t do QA with it, let alone automate your QA processes, unless you buy an extra tool on top of it. This is just one of the reasons why you might want to consider switching to an alternative.

Some other drawbacks of using this platform include:

  • A lot of manual work is required for scheduling
  • A lack of basic features like shift swap
  • No QA functionalities 
  • No custom reporting
  • Slow load times
  • No transparent pricing

Assembled alternatives side-by-side comparison

Assembled alternatives comparison table

A look at the pros and cons of each Assembled alternative

Assembled alternative #1: Kaizo

best Assembled alternative - Kaizo

Kaizo is a QA & performance management tool tailored for large teams aiming to:

  • Optimize Quality Assurance results and automate QA efforts
  • Swiftly assess individual agent’s tickets
  • Track overall performance trends and KPIs
  • Gain comprehensive insights into agent performance to stay on top of everything in real time
  • Identify specific areas for improvement
  • Deliver pertinent guidance and coaching

Its AI-driven Auto QA allows managers to automatically rate 100% of their tickets based on the criteria and prompts they provide. Just like you’d instruct a QA expert on “how we do things and rate quality”.

Many companies only assess a limited number of tickets per agent each week. This might not accurately reflect their performance due to lack of data points analyzed. With Kaizo’s Auto QA though, all of your tickets can be evaluated within minutes, freeing up the time of your QA experts to take on the most complex cases. This leads to more standardized service quality checks, effectively removing potential human errors and biases from the assessment process.

Kaizo's Auto QA

Challenges it can help you solve:

Kaizo pros:

  • 100% customizable and automated QA that lets you set standards and goals, pick IQS targets, and decide how many weekly QA ratings you need completed (Samurai)
  • Cutting-edge performance coaching, reporting, and real-time agent communication 
  • Instantaneous call transcription and real-time AI-crafted conversation summaries (Samurai)
  • Game engine technology for a fun user experience

Kaizo cons:

  • You can only use Kaizo’s seamless integrations if you’re a user of Zendesk or Salesforce 

Assembled alternative #2: Scorebuddy

Assembled alternative Scorebuddy

Scorebuddy is a customer service quality monitoring and call center quality assurance software. It’s designed to help businesses assess and improve the quality of their customer interactions, particularly in call centers.

Challenges it can help you solve:

  • Deploy a range of customer satisfaction surveys like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys
  • Monitor customer interactions across various channels such as phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards
  • Get insights into agent performance in time

Scorebuddy pros:

  • Scorebuddy offers a wide range of third-party integrations to link with current tools
  • You get the flexibility to choose from a large selection of customer satisfaction surveys, including options like NPS and CSAT
  • It offers a variety of modules dedicated to coaching, calibration, and achieving compliance objectives

Scorebuddy cons:

  • There’s no gamification or workforce engagement functionalities
  • The pricing details are only accessible upon request

Assembled alternative #3: MaestroQA

Assembled alternative MaestroQA

MaestroQA is an Assembled alternative that places particular emphasis on all things QA. In fact, Assemble and MaestroQA make up for each other’s shortcomings by giving you the option to integrate the two tools together so you have both QA and performance management functionality on your table. This, however, also means that you will be paying for two tools instead of one and some data might get unreliable as it travels from one tool to another. 

Challenges it can help you solve:

  • Run QA checks
  • Keep track and improve QA rater performance
  • Train support agents
  • Transcribe conversations and capture screens of each agent’s interactions with tickets

MaestroQA pros:

  • Lots of integrations
  • They have QA calibration 
  • Advanced coaching capabilities

MaestroQA cons:

  • No mobile app is available
  • Complex setup and usage
  • Lack of automatic scoring
  • No workforce engagement and motivation functionalities

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Assembled alternative #4: Pathlight

Assembled alternative Pathlight

Pathlight is a conversation intelligence software that empowers customer-facing teams by keeping them engaged and motivated to surpass expectations. This Assembled alternative provides real-time data analysis, communication tools, AI coaching, predictive goal setting, one-on-one interactions, recognition features, quality assurance, and more.

Challenges it can help you solve:

  • Use AI for faster replies and better customer insights
  • Capture interactions across multiple channels
  • Automate your QA efforts
  • Uncover new business opportunities and risks

Pathlight pros:

  • You can pick from lots of integrations
  • The tool’s interface is user-friendly and easy to get used to

Pathlight cons:

  • No pricing transparency
  • No real-time performance data
  • Sometimes metrics don’t have enough data to populate analysis and can be inaccurate
  • QA functionality is somewhat limited

Assembled alternative #5: Tymeshift

Assembled alternative Tymeshift

Tymeshift (now owned by Zendesk) is a workforce management platform designed to give customer support teams the necessary tools and insights to enhance their performance and boost overall team efficiency. Serving as a valid alternative to Assembled, Tymeshift lets teams analyze customer service performance and develop schedules and forecasts for peak agent proficiency.

Challenges it can help you solve:

  • Forecasting and scheduling for agent ticket distribution
  • Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions
  • Improve agent experience within Zendesk

Tymeshift pros:

  • Seamless integration with Zendesk
  • There’s a free plan available

Tymeshift cons:

  • Agents can’t see their worked hours in spite of the time-tracking capabilities
  • Performance metrics data can be inaccurate
  • Only available on Zendesk 

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How to decide which Assembled alternative you should opt for

To pick the right Assembled alternative, start by deciding what your goals for customer support are. You’ll then want to make a list of the features that are essential for you as you’re trying to reach these goals. This may include features like a ticketing system, knowledge base, live chat, gamification, employee engagement, automation, and reporting.

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