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Operational efficiency: The ultimate guide for E-commerce support managers

E-commerce customer support guide

As an industry, e-commerce is subject to a rollercoaster of high volume peaks and quiet trough periods. Much like any chaotic amusement ride, most of these high and low periods are foreseeable in the near future, yet some come around too unexpectedly for us to prepare.  

Customer support teams are in the front seat of this e-commerce rollercoaster, dealing with heavy ticket influxes and downturns head-on. To be able to thrive in these chaotic periods, support teams need to be as operationally efficient as possible whilst also providing an excellent customer experience. Doing more with less and doing it better than ever.  

We sat down with some of the leading customer support experts in the e-commerce industry to compile a definitive guide of tips and best practices for boosting operational efficiency in peak and low periods.

This guide covers 5 critical practices:

  • Detailed Forecasting
  • Channels Strategy
  • Self Service/Automation
  • Hiring/Staffing
  • Gamified Incentivization

Read the full guide here

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