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How the NMBRS team increased their CSAT by 7% with Kaizo

Kaizo x NMRBS Case Study

NMBRS basic info


NMBRS is an all-in-one Payroll/HR platform making HR processes easier, and stress-free for everyone. With a focus on hiring and optimizing the employee experience, their stellar customer support team is an integral reason for their industry success.

NMBRS has been using Kaizo for 4 months and have been leveraging the personal goal-setting and skill challenge features. We spoke with Ingmar Lodewijk, Quality Officer at NMBRS about how Kaizo saves their management team 3-5 hours every week, created a more self-managed team, and helped increase their CSAT by 7%.

Operational Efficiency

Since implementing Kaizo, the NMBRS customer support team is able to do more with their time. Between increasing audit and feedback efficiency and eliminating manual processes, NMBRS is empowered to more effectively allocate their resources to operate more efficiently.

1:1 Meetings

According to Ingmar, one of NMBRS biggest wins with Kaizo is greater operational efficiency within their 1:1 meetings.

Before using Kaizo, Ingmar would spend hours digging into excel sheets. Finding data, organizing it, analyzing it and trying to prepare notes for 1:1 meetings. All the while his agent had no access to this data and went into meetings blind.

With Kaizo, agents can set their own goals and both themselves and managers can track their progress simultaneously.


“Agent personal goal-setting saves me 3-5 hours a week on metric analysis and planning. Both parties come into 1:1 meetings informed and educated on where to improve”

Ingmar Lodewijk, Quality Officer at NMBRS


Ingmar admits that his agents are now self-educating on how to continually improve their performance. This shift has significantly boosted his coaching efficiency as he claims, “I’m no longer telling them how to improve, I’m guiding”.

The NMBRS team can now use time previously spent on organizing and analyzing performance data to focus on increasing employee performance with actionable 1:1 meetings.

As a result, NMBRS has been able to ditch their complicated spreadsheets and use the real-time insights Kaizo provides to pinpoint areas for improvement. This eases the pain of management having to micro-manage their teams as agents are now self-educating and driving their own development.

Quality & CSAT Improvement

The introduction of gamification into a customer support team’s operations has a major impact on agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Improving CSAT

With Kaizo, NMBRS has seen a boost in agent motivation towards more customer-focused support and an obvious increase in their CSAT as a result.

Previously, the quality of an agent’s support was not visible to them on a real-time basis. There was often an imbalance between speed and quality when answering tickets. Now agents can quantify their successes based on quality, speed, and productivity. This makes it much more motivating and gives guidance for them to provide better, well-rounded support.


“The transparency and accountability of agents’ performance has contributed to a huge increase in our output quality and  our CSAT”

Ingmar Lodewijk, Quality Officer at NMBRS

Utilizing Kaizo’s gamified skill challenges feature, the NMBRS team can now quantify the quality of their performance in real-time. Agents are guided and motivated by point and level progressions to provide a higher quality of support based on quality, speed, and productivity.

As a result, NMBRS have increased their CSAT by 7%. This is a result of improved employee engagement and motivation as rewards are now visual with the allocation of points and leveling-up of agents’ ninja avatars. This eases the ubiquitous industry pain of keeping your team engaged, motivated, and productive to provide high-level support.


After only four months, NMBRS are still in the early stages of their Kaizo journey. We are excited to see what future growth is in store as NMBRS continues to use Kaizo.

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