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Top 5 Tymeshift alternatives (Honestly reviewed)

tymeshift alternatives review

Looking for Tymeshift alternatives? This is where you start!

Tymeshift (now part of Zendesk) is a workforce management platform that provides support teams with the insights and tools they need to manage their time.

While Tymeshift excels at scheduling and forecasting, it’s missing core QA, employee performance coaching, and engagement management capabilities.

A quick look at all the Tymeshift alternatives you can pick from

Tymeshift alternatives comparison table

Pros and cons of each Tymeshift alternative

Tymeshift alternative #1: Kaizo

best Tymeshift alternative - Kaizo

Kaizo is an all-in-one management platform for large support teams. It helps you evaluate and improve your team’s performance with real-time insights, Auto QA, coaching, and gamification.

The tool seamlessly integrates with Zendesk and Salesforce, but this isn’t your average integration. The integration gives you access to exclusive in-app features within the Zendesk interface, eliminating tab jumping and letting you detect critical mistakes early on. Likewise, with Salesforce, you can take advantage of AI-powered Quality Assurance capabilities, real-time performance insights, and performance coaching capabilities.

With Kaizo’s Auto QA feature, managers get 100% of their tickets automatically rated based on the criteria and QA prompts they provide. This means that every team can tailor ratings to their own standards. Service quality checks will also be standardized and you can finally remove human error and prejudice from the picture.

Auto QA feature in Kaizo

Why the tool’s worth a try:

Kaizo is one of the very few customer support operations tools out there that can help you handle both quality assurance and agent engagement efforts. 

Kaizo’s Ticket Filtering functionality empowers you to designate the types of tickets you wish to prioritize when conducting a QA assessment of your agents’ performance. This is based on three specific categories: tags, channels, and metrics. With these preferences in mind, Kaizo will sift through cases that don’t align with your criteria, presenting you exclusively with the tickets that do.

On the engagement side, Kaizo’s Missions makes use of a unique gamification technology that allows you to lead agents guaranteeing outstanding service during busy periods and effective management of backlogs. You can further optimize goal setup with AI-powered recommendations, giving personalized and challenging Missions to each agent.

Kaizo pros:

The tool boasts a lot of very accurate metrics you can track in real time. All in all, it’s simply cheaper than other tools considering all the available features as you won’t have to purchase a new tool for every use case separately. Specifically, features such as gamification for workforce engagement and Auto QA will help you bridge the QA gap for reliable performance analysis.

Kaizo cons:

You can only use Kaizo with Salesforce and Zendesk at the moment although these integrations are extensive so you’ll be able to handle both QA and workforce engagement.

Tymeshift alternative #2: Scorebuddy

Tymeshift alternative Scorebuddy

Scorebuddy is a Tymeshift alternative used for monitoring customer service quality and ensuring call center excellence. Its goal is to assist businesses in evaluating and enhancing the quality of their customer support interactions.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

It offers very robust analytics and reporting features, providing actionable insights into performance trends and areas that may require additional training or attention. To help you act upon your findings, this Tymeshift alternative includes features for providing feedback and coaching to your support agents.

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Scorebuddy pros:

Scorebuddy stands out through the variety of third-party integrations it offers so you can link it with the tools you’re already using. You also get the option to pick from a large choice of customer satisfaction surveys, including options like NPS and CSAT. To further improve employee performance, you also get modules for coaching, calibration, and hitting compliance objectives.

Scorebuddy cons:

Scorebuddy isn’t as fun to use as other tools that offer gamification or workforce engagement functionalities. The pricing details are also only accessible upon request so you won’t have much clarity into the final cost.

Tymeshift alternative #3: MaestroQA

Tymeshift alternative MaestroQA

MaestroQA uses natural language processing and machine learning to autonomously discern customer intentions and generate responses to their inquiries. Furthermore, it provides in-depth insights to empower customer support teams in preemptively addressing potential concerns.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

The tool excels when it comes to its quality assurance capabilities due to its use of advanced technologies like natural language processing and machine learning. This enables MaestroQA to accurately identify customer intentions and generate appropriate responses. Additionally, its comprehensive insights offer valuable data for continuous improvement, allowing customer support teams to proactively address potential issues before they escalate. 

MaestroQA pros:

You can leverage lots of integrations and advanced coaching as well as QA capabilities. 

MaestroQA cons:

While the tool’s super strong on the quality assurance side, users report it lacks when it comes to usability. There’s no mobile app available and the tool’s often difficult to set up and use. Additionally, there’s no automatic scoring, nor workforce engagement and motivation features.

Tymeshift alternative #4: Pathlight

Tymeshift alternative Pathlight

Pathlight is a conversation intelligence software designed to inspire and motivate customer-facing teams to exceed expectations. Serving as an alternative to Tymeshift, it incorporates real-time data analysis, communication tools, coaching, predictive goal setting, one-on-one interactions, recognition features, and quality assurance.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

Pathlight can efficiently record, transcribe, and assess every customer interaction, regardless of the channel, in real time. Pathlight’s AI, honed on over 1.1 million hours of voice data, can save your team hours of effort by automatically transcribing and evaluating all your incoming and outgoing calls.

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Pathlight pros:

Pathlight lets you connect the app to a lot of third-party apps like Gorgias, Aircall, Salesforce, and RingCentral. The tool’s interface is also easy to use. 

Pathlight cons:

If the UI is pleasant to use, the tool’s workflows, on the other hand, are fairly complex and can take time to figure out. There are also no real-time insights and regular inaccuracies added on unreliable data coming from linked tools, which makes it difficult to fully rely on the tool for data analysis. 

Tymeshift alternative #5: Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a customer support platform equipped with functionalities like call routing and automatic call distribution, facilitating swift and effective handling of customer inquiries. Additionally, Talkdesk empowers support teams with automated resources like chatbots, self-service portals, and real-time analytics.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

Talkdesk’s virtual agents can handle a wide range of customer inquiries and tasks, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues. Virtual agents powered by Talkdesk can operate around the clock, ensuring that customers can receive assistance at any time, regardless of business hours or time zones.

Talkdesk pros:

Talkdesk is one of the Tymeshift alternatives with the strongest employee collaboration capabilities. It’s also one of the few tools on our list to provide self-service features and chatbots. All this while boasting powerful agent omnichannel engagement tools as well.

Talkdesk cons:

You simply can’t try Talkdesk for free as there’s no free trial. The quality assurance features are also limited as the tool doesn’t have automated QA or scorecards.

Next steps for trying out these Tymeshift alternatives

Take some time to thoroughly research and compare the features, pricing, and user reviews of the alternative Tymeshift solutions. Go beyond analysis and try the tools together with your agents, managers, and QA raters. This hands-on experience will give you a deeper understanding of how each platform functions.

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