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Unite all customer conversations in one place

Leverage chat data, along with email and phone, to get a 360-degree view of your team performance.

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Take advantage of integrated chats

  • Get all of your channels, communication, and interaction with the customer in one place
  • Add Zendesk Chat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and more conversations to see how agents communicate with customers
  • No more numerous tabs when talking to a single customer

Analyze team performance across all channels

  • Drive improved performance outcomes by easily looking into all the interaction your agent has with each customer
  • Single interface to save you time and increase operational efficiency
  • Get an all-round understanding of your team's performance to improve your one-on-one coaching

Enhancing performance coaching together with chat

  • Team and Agent Scorecard to filter performance based on chat metrics
  • Give targeted, case-specific feedback in real-time, so agents can learn quickly and deliver better customer experience

The plan of action is something we missed before Kaizo. We now have the agendas and those performance insights. We can really delve into the data and put something in place to say: this is where we’re going to go, this is where you need help.

Noreen McDaid
Customer Service Manager at

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