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Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to maximize rating efficiency without increasing headcount. Set your quality standards to kick-off the ratings and take full control of the process!

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Maximize rating efficiency with AI

-> Auto QA rate 100% of tickets in real time
-> Sort tickets by Sentiment & Empathy levels
-> Analyze root causes to instantly detect issues
-> Skim GPT-generated conversation summaries
-> AI-filter tickets by any criteria you need

Give agents automated feedback​

-> Provide agents with automated feedback on their performance
-> Encourage team-wide engagement with insights for collective learning and enhancement
-> Gain a 360-degree view of agent performance through Auto QA

AI feedback for QA

Minimize metric analysis time

-> Review performance drill-ins to spot issues fast
-> Easily detect underperformers and plan coaching
-> Quickly compare team vs individual outcomes
-> Create accurate reports in a few clicks

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