We actively guide employees towards achieving goals and making impact in their companies

Empower people first

We at Kaizo believe in empowering people instead of replacing them with automation. We created the game that drives motivation and productivity to agents. The tool that helps managers save time and easily scale their teams. The product that helps companies deliver excellent service to their clients.

Guide with actionable OKRs

When we started Kaizo in 2018, we wanted to build more than just an analytics tool. So we created the platform that matches support performance metrics in real-time with a gamified point system that agents can trigger by achieving personal weekly goals which they set and manage on their own. By making Kaizo fully integrated into a team’s existing workflow, we provide a more productive and engaging digital work environment for everyone.

Expertize in gamification

We believe that only engaged team members become top performers. Gamification boosts motivation and helps any team enjoy their work more. We’ve built our Kaizo game based on principles of personal growth, empowerment and feeling of accomplishment.

Be design-driven

When we were creating Kaizo, we thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if every agent had their own avatar that levelled up as they grew. And what if that avatar was a ninja?” Because… well ninjas are cool, you can’t argue with that.

Our team

We are an international team of entrepreneurs with 10 years combined experience in customer service and tech.

Our HQ is based in the heart of Amsterdam. We are always looking for awesome, ambitious team players to join us on our journey. If you feel there’s a vibe, check out our open positions.


Every ninja needs their Sensei, so we at Kaizo have our rockstar coaches. They share their great experience with us and help us build the product that boosts performance at customer support teams.

Our journey

Kaizo platform release
Our Kaizo platform is available to all Zendesk users worldwide.
Kaizo is born
We acquired a new company and product name that better reflects our vision.
We joined Station F in Paris
We were accepted to Zendesk for Startups Program at Station F, world's biggest tech campus
Dōjō Master early access release
Our ambassador companies start playing.
Dōjō Classic release
Dōjō Classic is live and available worldwide through Zendesk marketplace.
Ticketless joins Google for Startups program
We got great mentors from Google and worked with them on ideas for our product.
Ticketless Scorecard Pilot
We developed Ticketless Scorecard — an agent’s performance scorecard with real-time metrics.
Ticketless founded and joins TQ Community
We are officially founded and set up our HQ at TQ, one of the strongest tech communities in Amsterdam.