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Real-time reports

Save time on manual report building with real-time dashboards & KPI management

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Manage team performance from a single screen

  • Comparisons of your agents' results across teams
  • Totals & averages to predict progress and real-time metrics in your timezone
  • Downloadable reports with a single click

Track individual agent performance

  • 50+ real-time metrics
  • Multiple contact channels
  • Report export function

Plan team capacity wisely

  • Heatmap to track agents’ Zendesk working hours
  • Highlight patterns of productivity

Understand the data behind each metric

  • Incident drill-ins filtered by time and teams
  • Notes to provide immediate feedback
  • Ticket results organised by value to easily spot issues that need attention

With Kaizo we increased our output by 30% in just a few months, and have cut our First Reply Time by 50%.

Daliela Healy
Operations Manager at

Kaizo saves us a lot of time on reporting. It’s at least half a day, if not a full day of work per person per week, to be able to go in and just see it there.

Noreen McDaid
Customer Service Manager at

When we have a heavy backlog, it’s super important to be able to quickly overview how our team is performing. With Team Scorecard we can track our comments per hour in real-time and use this for data-driven forecasting

Petra Hageman
Former Head of Customer Service at

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