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The Kaizo 2021Support Hero Award Goes to Hope Zubova!

Here are our category winners

Luca Poliandro
Consumer Engagement Specialist at
My favorite thing about working in customer service is being able to interact with so many kinds of people. It’s wild that I could be speaking with someone from another country with whom I’ll probably never meet.
Mikhail Polygalov
Technical Support Engineer at

When I think of one word that defines a good customer service agent, in your opinion, it's "humane-ness".

Jess Waechter
Customer Experience Coordinator at
My favorite thing about working in customer service is establishing connections with customers. I have so enjoyed the wide variety of creative projects, the geographical reach of our customer base, and multitude of sentiments enveloped in each order processed.
Hope Zubova
Former Head of Customer Service at
When communicating with customers, all the useful information becomes much clearer when you add empathy and care to your message. Building strong connections with your teammates is key to your success and the success of the whole team.
Dajana Novak
Customer Experience Specialist at
One lesson about customer service that I've learned during my career is that customers are not always right but I am here for them, not the other way around. I've learned not to take things personally because a lot of the time, people just want to be heard and acknowledged.
Lyndall McGowan
Support Analyst at
The one thing that defines a good customer service agent is empathy.
Philadelphia Sanzina
Help Desk Coordinator at
My favorite thing about working in customer service is that I get to interact and engage with different individuals from different backgrounds, to guide and support them with the issue they are faced with and being able to come to a workable solution for their problems.

Our Selection Process

We received over 150+ nominations via an anonymous survey across 8 categories selected by leaders from the Customer Support industry.

The Kaizo team selected the top three nominees per category as finalists based on the recommendations of their colleagues.

All 8 winners are recognized by Kaizo with one as the 2021 Kaizo Support Hero of the Year. This person was selected by consensus among the Kaizo team and customer support leaders.