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Turn metrics into actionable advice that puts your team on a mission towards better performance outcomes. Full integration into Zendesk only!

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Capture coachable moments and drive successful outcomes

Identify coachable opportunities

Proactively pinpoint coachable opportunities for future 1:1 agendas.

Translate goals to team missions

Build missions around actionable advice to improve outcomes.

Keep team engaged and focused

Drive successful outcomes by keeping your team motivated and engaged.

Take advantage of coachable opportunities

Reduce time to root-case performance challenges by identifying coachable opportunities. Team Leads can now turn metrics into actionable advice that drive future 1:1 agendas.

Steer your team toward successful outcomes

Align teams around Missions, timed-based challenges based on historical performance and priorities. Missions deliver ownership in your team's development and keeps them focus on what matters most.

Keep your team engaged and focused

Build a positive reinforcement feedback loop to keep agents motivated, engaged and ensure they feel supported and appreciated, further driving successful outcomes.

Kaizo saves me 3-4 hours every week on metrics analysis. Now I can spend this time improving my second line team’s operational processes

Ingmar Lodewijk
Quality Officer at

When we have a heavy backlog, it’s super important to be able to quickly overview how our team is performing. With Kaizo, we can track our comments per hour in real-time and use this for data-driven forecasting

Petra Hageman
Former Head of Customer Service at

With Kaizo we increased our output by 30% in just a few months, and have cut our First Reply Time by 50%.

Daliela Healy
Operations Manager at

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