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7 Zendesk Marketplace apps to boost your customer service performance

7 Best Zendesk apps

Boosting your team’s overall customer service performance is arguably the most important objective for any successful customer support manager. Whether it be decreasing your team’s average first reply time, or boosting your CSAT, there are a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that managers can track, analyze and act upon to ensure their team achieves their business objectives.

As it’s a process that (usually) requires a lot of tedious, time-consuming work, most companies are shifting towards real-time performance reporting tools that collect data for them and transform it into metrics and actionable reports to improve their team’s overall customer service operations.

There are several apps to help customer support managers supercharge their team’s performance on the Zendesk Marketplace. These apps plug directly into your helpdesk and turn your historical and real-time data into actionable performance insights.


Kaizo is a performance management tool that takes a unique, bottom-up approach, empowering support agents towards improving their skills, self-managing their goals and delivering better customer service. A combination of gamification tools and a metrics scorecard allows teams to better understand and take guided action based on their performance and do more with less, creating a more engaging and productive digital workplace.

Kaizo helps teams boost their customer service performance by:

βœ… Increasing operational efficiency and improving agent productivity with personal goal-setting

βœ… Empowering agents to improve their output speed, quality and productivity with gamified weekly skill challenges

βœ… Ditching spreadsheets and saving time on analyzing metrics with real-time overviews of your team’s performance

βœ… Boosting engagement and employee retention as agents level-up their ninja avatars with the in-game experience

βœ… Monitoring and analyzing team performance with agent scorecard – 50+ real-time metrics & QA

πŸ’° Free – $19 /user/month



Playvox is an agent motivation solution that provides quality assurance, performance insights, and coaching to your Zendesk account. With a strong focus on internal QA, the app provides detailed metrics dashboards to help uncover performance issues in support teams and provide real-time feedback to agents.

βœ… Includes integrated goal-setting to help achieve QA goals

πŸ’° $15 – $40 /user/month



BrightGauge is a performance analysis app that allows support teams to display important business metrics in one place through the use of gauges, dashboards, and client reports. The all-in-one display makes it easy for managers to visualize their team’s performance metrics to a granular level making it easier to guide improvement.

βœ… Includes a metric leaderboard to see which agent is top-performer each week

πŸ’° $259/month w/ 2 admins



Assembled is a workforce management platform that helps support teams forecast volume, build team schedules and track real-time performance. The app help managers stay organized and informed to make proactive decisions based on their performance insights.

βœ… Includes % predictions for forecasting numbers

πŸ’° $15 – $35 /user/month


ScoreBuddy QA

Scorebuddy is a call center quality monitoring app for call centers focussed around replacing QA spreadsheets with streamlined quality control processes. The app allows managers and team leaders to dig deep into teams’ quality scores to carry out root-cause analysis, identify common pitfalls, broken processes and improve performance from the inside out.

βœ… Includes a number of QA scorecard templates

πŸ’° $8.86 – $15.59 /user/month

ScoreBuddy QA

Realtime Dashboard

Realtime Dashboard is, as the name suggests, a dashboard that organizes and segments incoming customer support data for team managers. The sleek design provides a number of visuals that allow managers to have a broader view of their operations and the ability to easily monitor their team’s productivity and backlogs.

βœ… Includes an extensive number of filters to include only the data your team really needs

πŸ’° Upon request

RealTime Dashboard


Tymeshift is an omnichannel workforce management tool that helps customer support teams transparently manage their workforce to make agents perform more efficiently. It comes with monitoring and forecasting features, as well as a metrics scorecard helping managers stay on top of their agents’ performance and easily uncover coaching opportunities. 

βœ… Includes a scheduling feature to assist with staffing organization

πŸ’° $5-$30/user/month


Are you looking to streamline your customer service performance management? Find out how Kaizo can help your support team achieve your business objectives and boost continual performance improvement.

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