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Top 5 Balto alternatives that will help with all your use cases 

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Balto is a popular contact center platform thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and recently launched quality assurance (QA) Copilot. But that’s where a lot of its powers end.

Simply, Balto won’t help you deliver on advanced workforce engagement and the platform doesn’t have a native integration with Zendesk or Salesforce, the two most commonly used CRMs today. Add in a lack of transparent pricing and poor performance insights and you might want to consider switching to a Balto alternative.

But wait: The alternatives are quite different, each bringing new use cases to the table. You’ll need to first decide what your main challenges are and then refer to our list of Balto alternatives below to pick the right one for all your needs.

A look at five Balto alternatives you can choose from

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Pros and cons of each Balto alternative [+Why you should try them out]

1. Kaizo

Kaizo best Balto alternative

Why teams should try this tool:

Kaizo takes the cake as the ultimate Balto alternative, bundling up performance management, QA, coaching, and agent motivation all into one neat package. It’s like having your own personal assistant using cutting-edge AI and gamification to boost morale and keep everyone on their A-game.

Thanks to its AI-driven Quality Assurance tech, you can say goodbye to biased ratings. Kaizo ensures every ticket gets a fair shake, saving you time and hassle while maintaining top-notch support quality.

And let’s not forget about Samurai. This AI-powered sidekick whips up detailed ticket summaries in the blink of an eye, making rating and evaluation a breeze.

But let’s go beyond quality assurance. With Kaizo’s workforce engagement tool, you’ve got native performance coaching and automated QA at your fingertips, keeping your agents motivated and engaged day in and day out.

Kaizo pros:

  • 100% customization and Auto QA so you can set your own standards and goals, choose (Internal Quality Score) IQS targets, and decide how many QA ratings you need each week
  • Top-notch performance coaching, real-time agent communication, and slick reporting to keep your team accountable
  • Instant call transcription and AI conversation summaries
  • Native integrations with both Zendesk and Salesforce
  • All wrapped up in a fun, game-like user experience, thanks to its nifty game engine tech and AI-based Missions

Kaizo cons:

  • Only Zendesk and Salesforce users can use it at the moment

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2. Playvox

Playvox Balto alternative

Why teams should try this tool:

Playvox stands out for support teams looking for capacity planning features that you won’t find in other Balto alternatives. As part of their work management suite, the Capacity Planner lets you peek into the future, helping you anticipate busy periods and plan accordingly. Whether it’s seasonal spikes or unexpected surges in demand, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Playvox pros:

  • When it comes to keeping tabs on and coaching your team, Playvox gives you endless options thanks to its AI-powered capacity planning as well as other performance management features
  • You can further fine-tune functionalities through their API or third-party platforms

Playvox cons:

  • It doesn’t offer Auto QA, customizable QA scorecards, or other advanced quality assurance capabilities
  • The biggest catch is that every feature comes in its separate module, so you’ll have to pay-as-you-go for each one individually

3. EvaluAgent

Evaluagent Balto alternative

Why teams should try this tool:

Use it if your support team is all about automated feedback collection and diving deep into conversation scores and one-on-ones to boost performance. EvaluAgent offers real-time insights and performance metrics so you keep your finger on the pulse of your customer interactions. With a whole suite of tools and analytics, you can pinpoint areas for improvement, provide feedback to your agents, and track your progress over time.

EvaluAgent pros:

  • This tool comes stacked with some automated quality assurance and coaching features
  • You have lots of other apps to easily connect to via its flexible API

EvaluAgent cons:

  • It’s a bit lacking in the essential workforce engagement department
  • No gamification options
  • Missing customer satisfaction scoring

4. MaestroQA

MaestroQA Balto alternative

Why teams should try this tool:

This Balto alternative harnesses natural language processing and machine learning to understand what customers are after. When it comes to quality assurance, the tool can identify customer intentions and provide comprehensive insights that allow customer support teams to proactively address potential issues before they escalate. 

MaestroQA pros:

  • MaestroQA offers, like Kaizo, a full package of tools to automate your QA game including advanced QA reporting and insights that keep you and your agents in the loop
  • There are tons of other apps you can connect the platform to
  • This app comes with some advanced coaching workflows that give both agents and managers the power to level up their skills

MaestroQA cons:

  • The tool is all about Quality Assurance so it falls short when it comes to delivering conversation and performance analytics
  • It’s lacking when it comes to extended artificial intelligence capabilities beyond just QA 
  • There are no workforce engagement tools or agent motivation features
  • No free trial
  • Its Auto QA features can’t actually automatically rate tickets

5. Scorebuddy

Scorebuddy Balto alternative

Why teams should try this tool:

Scorebuddy is best for support teams that thrive on diving deep into QA data. Its analytics and reporting features give you the lowdown on performance trends and shine a light on areas that might need improvement. This Balto alternative goes the extra mile by offering tools to give feedback and coaching to your support agents, so you can turn those insights into action and keep your team at the top of their game.

Scorebuddy pros:

  • Scorebuddy connects with a large variety of third-party integrations so you can expand your toolkit
  • You can choose from a wide range of customer satisfaction surveys, including the likes of NPS and CSAT
  • Scorebuddy has got you covered with performance modules for coaching, calibration, and hitting those all-important compliance goals

Scorebuddy cons:

  • Scorebuddy might not offer the same level of fun as some other tools that offer gamification or workforce engagement features like Kaizo or Balto
  • Pricing isn’t transparent

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Next steps for trying out these Balto alternatives

To help you decide, here’s a rundown on when you might want to choose each of these Balto alternatives:

  • Kaizo: Large teams looking to automate their quality assurance processes while providing an enjoyable working environment for their agents and ensuring top performance management
  • Playvox: Support teams that need a tool to support capacity planning efforts
  • EvaluAgent: Customer support managers looking to automate the collection and analysis of customer feedback
  • MaestroQA: Support teams that strictly need advanced quality assurance capabilities
  • Scorebuddy: Support team leaders looking for a solution to help analyze complex QA data to improve their decision-making process

Kaizo offers gamification and AI capabilities like Balto alongside with automated QA, performance coaching, and workforce engagement. For a closer look at the entire suite of Kaizo features, try for free or book a demo to see them in action for your exact requirements.

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