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How Capital.com efficiently manages a large support team with Kaizo

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Capital.com is a company looking to make the world of finance more accessible, engaging, and useful by helping people trade smartly. For ages, financial services were being built by the rich and for the rich, but Capital.com is on a mission to change that through democratized trading. 

Having set out on their journey in 2016, Capital.com is now servicing over 7 million users that want to make informed decisions when it comes to investing and trading. 

And there are two things to learn from this. One, Capital.com has been experiencing exponential growth and is on the right trajectory to conquer new markets. Two, the rising number of interest in their products and the soaring customer base mean that their customer support team has an inspiring story to tell about how they manage to keep their service quality high. 

To find out what life is like behind the curtain at Capital.com, we talked to Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations, and Alexei Filipovich, Customer Support Team Lead, who have seen the company become the trading giant it is today. 

Capital.com case overview

Kaizo for Capital.com in 5 seconds

Kaizo has been with Capital.com through thick and thin, and has seen it repeatedly multiply the size of its customer service team. Today, Kaizo is much more than just a QA tool for Capital.com — it is key software that helps them engage and motivate agents, improve communication, increase transparency and visibility — all while being data-focused.  

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Going from 7 agents to 57

Capital.com’s support team management league knows the game from A to Z and if there is one thing they believe everyone should keep in mind it’s this: there’s a major difference between running a small support team based in a single location vs a large team across multiple locations.

Today, Capital.com’s service agents work from 4 different parts of the world — Bulgaria, the UK, Australia, and Malaysia — in different time zones, bringing different cultures and languages to the company. And although there are lots of perks to having such a diverse environment, it also means having to keep agent engagement and motivation high, help people bond and communicate effectively when they have never even met each other offline. 

We started with QA, it was our focus at the time. But as the company grew, we realized that there are so many things you can do in Kaizo, so we started using its full functionality and it improved our workflows a lot. 

Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations at Capital.com

But it’s not just headcount that increased here, quality of service has also been perfected and polished all along the way at Capital.com.  

Between 2021 and 2022, Capital.com’s CSAT increased by 17.43%.

Automating processes

The bigger you get, the more data there will be to keep up with. And if you’re running everything in spreadsheets, human error is bound to happen. 

Manual updates, manual checks, and manual calculations — all of these things make the recipe for an inefficient and time-consuming job. So much so that when you have a large team to cover, there comes a point where it is just counterproductive. This is why you need to automate!

Automating updates, reports, and pulling all your data in one place saves time and headaches. It’s something that sets customer support leaders from laggards. So Capital.com decided that they would automate as many processes as possible.

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Having all of that data at hand helps Capital.com enhance their communication with agents, gain easy access to performance insights, and always stay on top of their numbers. And it is this optimization-focused approach that helps them increase performance outputs. 

Between 2021 and 2022, the overall number of Touchpoints/ hr in Capital.com’s customer support team went up by 101.62%

Ensuring continuous feedback and coaching

Over the last several months, Capital.com’s team has also reinvented the way they present and handle feedback. Coaching sessions are transparent and data-driven, agents know when they are getting them and why. This transparency helps them feel like they are being upskilled at work, not harshly graded or reprimanded at school. 

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After months of relentless work and regular feedback sessions, Capital.com’s team can now enjoy the fruits of their labor with a laser-focused remote team that is growing more efficient by the day. 

Kaizo is easy on the eye. Agents have to process a lot of information and data every day, and it’s just tiring. With Kaizo, however, you get a break — it’s fun to use.

Alexei Filipovich, Customer Support Team Lead at Capital.com

Between 2021 and 2022, Capital.com’s number of Tickets Solved/ hr went up by 22.99%

Decluttering the tech space

There’s no denying that there is such a thing as too much tech today. Especially if you are in a position of managing the performance of a big team, trying to keep everyone updated and motivated at all times. Having to jump between different tabs and windows is no fun and can really get your head spinning. 

No wonder that more and more companies are looking for integrated solutions. And so did Capital.com — that’s when they discovered Kaizo. 

I love Kaizo because it is built into Zendesk so you don’t need to switch between different tabs. Just get your notification, read it, and close it — all in one place. Plus, Kaizo Quick Access makes it very easy for us to score tickets without leaving Zendesk. 

Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations at Capital.com

Looking into the future

The Capital.com team has ambitious plans to change the way people trade. They’re here to support, inform, and educate users about what trading is and how everyone can benefit from it.

For Capital.com’s customer support this means that new service-related obstacles are yet to arrive, but they are sure that with Kaizo this is going to be an enjoyable ride!

Kaizo is being used by different people in our team. For Team Leads, it’s the Scorecards, for QA experts — the QA functionality, for me, general team performance insights. And we can’t wait for the new functionality to come!

Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations at Capital.com

As always, we’re excited to see Capital.com’s successes and will be there to help them effectively manage their growing team!

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