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How GAMING1 increased their ticket processing by 50% with Kaizo

GAMING1 customer story

GAMING1 is a leading Belgian operator of online and land-based gambling, committed to providing a unique gaming experience by being present only in regulated markets. They place their responsible gaming policy at the heart of their corporate strategy and commit to ensuring the highest possible safety for all clients.

Gaming1 combines several own and partner brands in the different countries wherein they operate. They want to offer a unique gaming and entertainment experience, whether online or offline, making it safe and responsible; and their ambition is to become a global reference, providing a fun and innovative omnichannel experience for players, partners, and employees.

Founded 30 years ago in a Belgian city called Liège, it now enjoys an international presence and has been named the Top Employer in 2022 and 2023. With a portfolio of strong local and international brands in 7 countries and over 1600 employees, the GAMING1 team has a lot of learnings to share.

We talked to Michelle Schmidt, Customer Service Quality Assurance & Training Officer, and Sarah Maddio, Risk & Fraud Team Leader, to investigate how they make their operations run and how Kaizo helps them achieve success. 

GAMING1 case study overview

Kaizo for GAMING1 in 5 seconds

For GAMING1, Kaizo has become the go-to tool for managing their large support team, ensuring quality service, improving performance, and giving everyone the motivation to strive for better performance outcomes. 

The team has found Kaizo to be an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that makes it easier to process a large volume of tickets while having a good view of the metrics individually.

testimonial 1 customer story

testimonial Sarah customer story

Going beyond QA

Providing great customer service was always a matter of principle for the GAMING1 team, and they were quite successful at it. But what if you can go from good to great?

That’s what they thought, and started looking for ways to optimize ticket processing, make agent evaluation more detailed and efficient, and boost growth and engagement. They decided to find a tool that would be fully integrated into Zendesk but could provide more advanced features, like feedback sharing and gamification. 

That’s how they discovered Kaizo.

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Improving on all counts

With this new tool under their belt, GAMING1 upscaled their data processing, increased agent motivation and engagement, shortened support delivery times, and improved customer satisfaction, creating a top-down and bottom-up culture of transparency in quality and performance. 

Within just one year, from 2021 to 2022, their CSAT went from 70,45% to 77,65%, while their quality assessment rate went from 78% to 82%. 

With those results as their track record, the team has now set out to reach a 90% quality assessment rate in 2023. 

And while a CSAT of under 70% is already impressive for gaming services, GAMING1 managed to jump far above that, according to the company’s NPS surveys.

“Kaizo offers Coaching Cards that allow each agent to keep in mind the procedures and to guarantee a complete follow-up on each of them. The training is thus ensured continuously thanks to the supervision of the Quality Assurance & Training officers and the functionalities of the Kaizo tool.”

Michelle Schmidt, Customer Service Quality Assurance & Training Officer 

Multiplying efficiency and proactiveness

One of GAMING1’s main goals was to scale operations and increase ticket processing numbers.

Within a short time, they managed to achieve that. Having rated 5 tickets per quarter per agent back in 2021, they are now at 10 tickets per quarter per agent. Since it is easier to evaluate agents on a regular basis, the quality of individual and collective work remains at a constant level of progress here, too. 

Between 2021 and 2023, ticket processing went up by 50%.

testimonial 3 gaming1customer story

Needless to say, GAMING1 has gone a long way in transforming the way support is delivered within the gaming sector, but having reached so many milestones they are now after a bigger goal — reinventing the global gaming experience. 

We’re thrilled to see their growth and will be sure to sit in our cheerleader seat, watching and aiding them in the journey!

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