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How SteelSeries utilizes Kaizo’s AI to cut QA time by 50%

SteelSeries customer story

SteelSeries is a pioneer for carving out gaming peripherals. Back in 2001, they created the first mousepad, first dedicated gaming headset, and first mechanical gaming keyboard. Needless to say, this Denmark-born brand is on a mission to help gamers unlock their full potential, allowing them to shine within the gaming universe.

But what happens behind the scenes, in the support room, is of much more interest here. After over two decades of providing stellar customer service and with a team of 30 people, SteelSeries has a lot of tricks of the trade to share. We talked to Jonathan Griffin, Director of Customer Success, to find them out. 

Steelseries use case

Kaizo for SteelSeries in 5 seconds

With Kaizo on the table, the SteelSeries team managed to become a lot more reliable for their community, using an intuitive tool that makes metrics navigation a breeze. On top of that, it helped them pinpoint key customer needs and build KPIs that correlate with them. 

“Kaizo’s intuitive, clear, useful, and supportive.”

Jonathan Griffin, Director of Customer Success at SteelSeries

Growing with community in mind

Delivering good service had always been important to SteelSeries, but as time went on and their community grew, support challenges required a more elaborate approach from the team. 

Zendesk gives you a good base but as you scale, it might become less user-friendly and you will be missing the more complex features, like the ones Kaizo offers. This, in turn, means that your customer support and experience are going to suffer a blow. But SteelSeries wasn’t having it. 

That’s when they discovered Kaizo. 

“We wanted to be better for our community, we just needed a way to see it and catch any trends that needed improvement.”

Jonathan Griffin, Director of Customer Success at SteelSeries

The Kaizo experience

SteelSeries’ experience with Kaizo has been multifold, and they have come to make use of almost every feature it has to offer. What is the real value of all of those, one might wonder? 

Let’s break it down based on the story of this support team.

All things Samurai

Cut down the time needed for QA, especially if you’re prone to having lengthy tickets. AI Summary, for example, is highly accurate and has helped the SteelSeries team cut their QA time in half while being just as efficient!

SteelSeries product review


Increase transparency in setting, meeting, and exceeding performance goals.

Notes and Coaching Cards

Save a lot of time and take micromanagement out of the picture when you need to reach out to agents or remain in touch at all times. Make it simple to give individual shoutouts to agents when they provide awesome experiences and or flip negatives into positives. 

Agent engagement

For the agents at SteelSeries, other software was very challenging to figure out, but Kaizo gave them a very different experience. Agents can tap in at any time, look into their performance data or provide feedback.

Time tools and Scorecards

Gauge productivity and determine what kind of support agents need to own the day. Give you a user-friendly experience at diving into data. At any given point in time and within less than a minute, you can get your finger on the pulse of the whole organization. This provides direction on how to assist Team Managers and Leads on hitting their teams KPI’s and giving positive shoutouts.

Over the years, SteelSeries has played an active part in Kaizo’s journey — sharing feedback, giving guidance, and throwing challenges for the solution to get even better. And although the team has already taken their support levels to unprecedented levels, we’re sure that there are a lot more improvements to come. And Kaizo will gladly be there to support them!

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