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Customer Service, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification walk into a bar

Customer service gamification

No empathy, no bots

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response.”― Arthur Schlesinger

One of the most standardized processes across organizations, customer service (CS) is reactive by design and increasingly under pressure to be optimized. Artificial Intelligence (AI) alone, has swept over CS with a wave of automation and bot-building that promised to replace agents and push efficiency beyond human capabilities. So why are current solutions falling short by only solving part of the problem?

Well, we forgot one important thing — AI cannot replace our humanity (yet). Until the dawn of conscious AI, one that can read emotion and react with it, there is no replacing people. When that day comes, we are the first to discuss the role of humans in automation.

But until then, we at Kaizo believe in harnessing the power of AI to support people rather than replace them.

And in customer service, those people are the agents. With Kaizo , we are bridging the gap between machine automation and the sentient human with a focus on the needs of customer service agents. We use AI to make the data meaningful — interpret multiple metrics showing agents performance and their progress towards company mission and give them relevant recommendations. We help them prioritise their tickets and become better in their work. In Customer Support environment, where 80% of daily tasks are repetitive and monotonous, we empower the agents to constantly learn and improve their skills.

Gamify, or go home

Kaizo is built on the knowledge that today’s CS agents are intrinsically motivated, benefit from knowledge sharing to gain expertise and like to evolve quickly in their field.

Day in, day out, CS agents work through their process — new ticket, solve case, and repeat.

With Kaizo, we offer them a narrative around their daily tasks: you are not just responding to incoming requests from clients, but you are training to become the best CS agent in the world.

Framing the work environment in this way shifts the motivation from a reactive focus — which CS is by default — to a pro-active focus on the agents own self-development. This speaks to the intrinsic motivation often found in CS agents.

But where Kaizo really makes a difference for CS agents is through the integration of game mechanics which enables agents to interact with the story, evolve within it, and a status within the team.

This is what sets apart our product. In a world of data-driven companies, Kaizo combines Gamification and Artificial Intelligence to smartly scale CS centers by focusing on the individual agents performance.

What is our goal? To help CS agents become intrinsically motivated, benefit from knowledge sharing to gain expertise and like to evolve quickly in their field.

Turn your agents into skill masters! And let’s bring your customer service to the next level! For more info visit our website.

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