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6 best Playvox alternatives compared in 2023

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Playvox is a customer support platform that offers a wide selection features, such as call center analytics, customer satisfaction surveys, employee performance tracking, and customer feedback management.

However, you might be looking for a Playvox alternative if you need stronger Auto QA features, extensive customer satisfaction surveys, or you simply need a solution to help you gamify the entire agent experience.

Playvox tool alternatives comparison

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Best Playvox alternatives and when to use them

1. Kaizo

Kaizo QA

Overview: Kaizo is a customer support operations tool powered by artificial intelligence that will make Quality Assurance a breeze for large teams. Through Kaizo, you can quickly evaluate each agent’s tickets and monitor everyone’s performance over a specific period of time.

Kaizo’s automated Quality Assurance process guarantees that all tickets are rated justly and precisely, giving you enough time to review and rate each one.

Samurai, an AI-powered extension, offers a comprehensive summary of all tickets and enables you to evaluate and rate each one in under a minute. 

Moreover, Kaizo’s QA reports provide insights into agent performance, allowing you to easily spot areas that need improvement and provide appropriate guidance. Kaizo’s workforce engagement tool not only provides native performance coaching and automated QA, but also uses gamification to maintain high levels of agent engagement and motivation.

WEM in Kaizo

Kaizo’s Missions use a distinctive gamification system that allows you to direct your team to provide exceptional service during times of high demand and effectively manage backlogs. Agents are represented as ninja avatars who are rewarded for their performance in speed, quality, and productivity. 

When to use it: If you need to speed up QA and provide a fun work experience for your agents using the latest AI technology.

Kaizo advantages:

  • Simple to configure and employ across your entire team
  • Comprehensive AI-driven functionalities designed to assist with quality assurance, automated ticket analysis, and boost workforce engagement (Samurai)
  • Cutting-edge performance coaching and reporting proficiencies (Samurai)
  • Seamless integration with Zendesk and Salesforce
  • Enjoyable to use thanks to its game engine technology
  • Instant call transcription and AI-generated conversation summaries in real time (Samurai)

Kaizo disadvantages:

  • There’s no mobile app
  • Exclusive for Zendesk and Salesforce users

2. EvaluAgent

Playvox alternative tool

Overview: EvaluAgent is a customer service performance management platform designed to help customer support teams monitor, measure, manage, and improve customer service effectiveness. It provides customer service teams with real-time insights into customer conversations and interactions, as well as customer service performance metrics. The platform also includes a suite of tools and analytics to help you identify areas for improvement, provide feedback to agents, and track results over time. 

When to use it: If you rely on conversation scoring and one-on-one meetings to guide your QA and agent performance efforts.

EvaluAgent advantages:

  • Easy-to-create and flexible scorecards
  • Customizable API and diverse third-party apps to integrate with

EvaluAgent disadvantages:

  • No customer satisfaction scoring capabilities
  • Lacking fundamental workforce engagement capabilities
  • Limited reporting capabilities despite the advanced insights the tool provides

3. MaestroQA

Playvox software alternative

Overview: MaestroQA is a customer service platform that applies natural language processing and machine learning to conversations to recognize customer needs and automatically provide replies. 

Additionally, it offers comprehensive analytics that gives customer service teams the ability to identify and address problems before they become big.

When to use it: If you need screen capturing and call transcriptions besides QA and workforce engagement features.

MaestroQA advantages:

  • Functionality for capturing screens and transcribing content
  • Unlimited, fully customizable QA scorecards
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with agents

MaestroQA disadvantages:

  • Np AI-driven auto-scoring
  • No free trial for pre-testing the application
  • No mobile app

4. Tymeshift

Playvox software replacement

Overview: Zendesk recently acquired Tymeshift, a workforce management platform that offers customer service teams the resources and insights they need to reach peak efficiency. As an alternative to Playvox, Tymeshift helps teams measure customer service performance, analyze customer feedback, and generate schedules and forecasts that guarantee optimal output from customer service teams.

When to use it: If you want to use forecasting and automatic scheduling for your agents.

Tymeshift advantages:

  • Agent status and activity tracker
  • Automated scheduling features with time-off management and shift trading
  • Customizable staffing forecasts and workstreams (i.e. types of work agents do)

Tymeshift disadvantages:

  • Limited integrations or API access (except for Zendesk and Google Calendar)
  • Additional charges apply if you need personalized onboarding and dedicated customer success managers

5. Balto

Playvox alternative Balto

Overview: Balto is a Playvox alternative that helps customer support teams interact with their customers in an efficient and personalized manner. It automates customer service tasks such as quickly providing answers to common inquiries, resolving customer questions, and routing complex inquiries to the right agents. Plus, Balto offers insights into customer satisfaction and customer service performance.

When to use it: If you’re looking to give your agents access to immediate assistance during calls.

Balto advantages:

  • Instant note-taking and automated summarization of calls
  • Immediate agent coaching with smart checklists and dynamic prompts
  • Integrations with over 60 softphones and major CCaaS and UCaaS systems

Balto disadvantages:

  • No free trial
  • Does not offer specific features for workforce engagement
  • Pricing details are not openly displayed on the website

6. Scorebuddy

Playvox alternative tool

Overview: Scorebuddy is a Playvox software alternative that assists customer service teams in keeping tabs on and evaluating customer service performance. It helps them pinpoint areas that need to be improved, set individual or team goals, and monitor the progress they make over time. Moreover, their Business Intelligence add-on provides comprehensive reporting features that grant teams the data needed to make well-informed decisions.

When to use it: If you need Business Intelligence capabilities to make informed decisions.

Scorebuddy advantages:

  • Scorebuddy BI + detailed reporting and dashboards
  • Peer and self-scoring assessments for agents
  • Option to automatically track regulatory compliance across your company

Scorebuddy disadvantages:

  • Lack of gamification or workforce engagement functionalities
  • Pricing details are provided exclusively if you make an official request

How to choose the Playvox alternative that’s right for you

Use this quick checklist to understand which Playvox alternative is best for your team:

  • Make a list of all the essential features you need from your upcoming support QA tool as well as the nice-to-have functionalities you’re looking for
  • Go through the list above and note down the tools that check all of the must-have features
  • Once you have a list of 3-5 tools, narrow it down to 2-3 by taking into account all of the extra features that would make work easier
  • Give each of these 2-3 tools a try with a free trial
  • Make sure you test the Playvox alternatives together with your entire team to pick the right one for everyone

Trying out Kaizo

Kaizo helps you run complex agent engagement and performance coaching processes while also giving you access to the features Playvox doesn’t have, like gamification or advanced Auto QA.

Curious to know even more about Kaizo and its latest Samurai AI extension? Try for free or book a demo to see them in action on your workflows.

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