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Psst! Someone new just moved into the Kaizo Village 👀☕ 

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[It’s all things AI over here!]

Lean in closer, folks! We’ve got some juicy gossip straight from the Kaizo Village! 

There’s a flurry of excitement as bags and suitcases are being carried in. A mysterious newcomer is about to make their grand entrance, and their suitcase nametag says “Samurai”!

Rumor has it Samurai is a total game-changer, an AI-powered support helper ready to shake things up and revolutionize the way you manage your customer support team!

Picture this: support managers can now tap into the mind-blowing power of advanced AI technology. It’s like having a personal assistant that can monitor, evaluate, coach, and motivate your support team in the blink of an eye. Much less manual labor and much more effortless management!

Let’s spill the tea on some of the incredible features you can already enjoy with Samurai

First up, we’ve got Auto QA and Empathy & Sentiment Analysis. Samurai can dive deep into customer sentiment and even evaluate how empathetic your agents are, while Auto QA helps you rate 100% of tickets in real-time. With Samurai’s lightning-fast analysis, you can easily see the root causes of poor ticket outcomes.

Oh, and did we mention the Personalized AI-Missions? Samurai takes personalization to a whole new level, tailoring objectives to develop each agent’s strengths for endless growth. It’s like having a personal cheerleader, inspiring a growth mindset and driving continuous improvement. Who doesn’t love a little boost, right?

Now, hold on tight because we’re not done yet. Samurai has something called Ticket Filtering & Conversation Summary. This nifty feature saves you loads of time by filtering tickets based on customer sentiment and empathy scores. No more sifting through piles of tickets. Plus, you can effortlessly scan through conversation summaries to stay in the know and make those data-driven decisions. 

Last but not least, you can finally forget about call listening! Samurai will transcribe all the calls for you and even generate call summaries so you can get a good understanding of each call after reading 3 sentences!

Curious to know even more about Samurai? Visit this page here

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