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5 best Scorebuddy alternatives for advanced support management in 2024

Scorebuddy alternatives

Scorebuddy is a cloud-based quality monitoring and reporting tool used by contact centers to evaluate and measure agent performance. It allows supervisors to create scorecards, track agent interactions, and provide feedback. 

However, you might be looking for an alternative as it’s missing essential workforce engagement features as well as gamification capabilities. Some users also regularly report that handling certain tasks (such as ticket scoring) can be consuming while reporting lacks the customization many of them need.

Let’s explore our best picks for Scorebuddy alternatives!

An overview of the Scorebuddy alternatives you can pick from

Scorebuddy alternatives comparison table

Advantages and disadvantages of all Scorebuddy alternatives

1. Kaizo

best scorebuddy alternative

The first thing that sets this alternative apart is that Kaizo uses innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help you rate all of your tickets at a faster pace. Its Auto QA feature allows you to instruct Samurai, a cutting-edge AI assistant, on how to best analyze and rate tickets. 

Samurai can also quickly transcribe and summarize all tickets, allowing you to assess and rate each one in less than a minute. With automated quality insurance in place, your QA raters simply need to double-check the notes generated by Samurai and make any necessary adjustments. 

In return, you’ll evaluate up to 100% of tickets while sticking to your already established criteria and workflows. 

After the QA rating process is done, Samurai can deliver automated feedback to your agents regarding their performance. This promotes an ongoing cycle of improvement, enabling agents to recognize their strengths and areas requiring enhancement. This will further give you a 360-degree view of your agents’ performance you can use to identify learning opportunities and improve engagement rates.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

Kaizo is one of the few tools available for customer support operations that offer help with both quality assurance (including stellar automation capabilities) and agent engagement efforts.

By using Kaizo’s Ticket Filtering feature, you can specify which types of tickets should be prioritized when evaluating your agents’ performance. Kaizo will filter out cases that don’t meet your criteria, leaving you with only the relevant tickets.

On the engagement front, Kaizo’s Missions leverages a unique gamification technology to motivate agents to provide excellent service during peak periods and efficiently manage backlogs. 

With Kaizo’s workforce engagement tool, agents are not only offered native performance coaching, but also motivated through the use of gamification, ensuring high levels of engagement.

Additionally, Kaizo’s AI capabilities can assist with optimizing goal setting, transcribing and summarizing calls, customer sentiment and satisfaction analysis, and more.

Kaizo advantages:

  • 📈 This state-of-the-art tool offers numerous precise metrics that can be monitored in real time. 
  • 💵It’s more cost-effective than other tools because it includes all the necessary features, eliminating the need to buy separate tools for different use cases.
  • 🎮Features like gamification (for engaging employees) and Auto QA make it easier to address the QA gap and ensure reliable performance analysis.

Kaizo disadvantages:

  • ⚠️ At present, Kaizo is limited to native integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk, but these integrations are comprehensive, allowing you to seamlessly manage both quality assurance and workforce engagement.

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2. MaestroQA

scorebuddy alternative maestroqa

MaestroQA is an alternative to Scorebuddy that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to enhance the customer support experience. By autonomously understanding and interpreting customer intentions, MaestroQA can generate responses to their inquiries. This not only saves time for support teams, but also ensures that customers receive prompt and satisfactory resolutions to their concerns.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

One of the key strengths of this Scorebuddy alternative is its quality assurance capabilities. These advanced features enable MaestroQA to accurately interpret customer intentions and generate suitable responses. Furthermore, the tool’s insights provide valuable data you can use for continuous improvement, empowering customer support teams to proactively address any potential issues before they become major problems.

MaestroQA advantages:

  • 🔗You can leverage lots of integrations with third-party apps.
  • 🏆There’s advanced coaching as well as QA capabilities you won’t find with some tools like Scorebuddy.

MaestroQA disadvantages:

  • 😫Although the tool excels in quality assurance, users have reported weaknesses in usability. This is due to the lack of a mobile app and the tool being challenging to set up and operate. 
  • 🤖It doesn’t offer Auto QA that can actually rate your tickets or features for workforce engagement and motivation.

3. EvaluAgent

scorebuddy alternative evaluagent

EvaluAgent allows support teams to closely monitor, measure, and manage their customer service performance in real time. Besides providing valuable insights into customer interactions and conversations, the tool also offers a range of functionalities and analytics to identify areas for improvement and provide feedback to agents.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

EvaluAgent is a good pick for organizations that rely on conversation scoring and one-on-one meetings to guide their QA and agent performance efforts. Its advanced features, customizable scorecards, real-time monitoring, feedback and coaching tools, one-on-one meeting management, and analytics and reporting make it a comprehensive platform for improving agent performance and delivering excellent customer service.

EvaluAgent advantages:

  • 📈It’s easy to use this tool to create flexible scorecards.
  • 🔗There’s a customizable API and lots of third-party apps to integrate with.

EvaluAgent disadvantages:

  • 🛒There are no customer satisfaction scoring options.
  • 🧙It’s lacking fundamental workforce engagement capabilities.
  • 🎮It’s missing gamification features.

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4. Playvox

Scorebuddy alternative Playvox

Playvox offers a variety of functionalities including call center analytics, customer satisfaction surveys, tracking of employee performance, management of customer feedback, and more. Its main purpose is to assist customer support teams in identifying the underlying reasons for customer problems. Additionally, Playvox provides automated workflows and data-based insights to facilitate improved decision-making for teams.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

Playvox can provide strong capacity planning features that most of the other Scorebuddy alternatives on this list don’t offer. These help businesses effectively allocate their resources, ensuring that the right agents are assigned to the right tasks at the right time. 

Playvox advantages:

  • 👀There are extensive possibilities when it comes to overseeing and coaching your workforce.
  • 🔗You can opt to extend the tool’s capabilities via their API or various third-party platform integrations.

Playvox disadvantages:

  • ⚠️There are limited Auto QA and auto-scoring functionalities with the emphasis being on evaluating customer sentiment.
  • 💵Each feature is contained within distinct modules, requiring individual payment for each of them.

5. Balto

Scorebuddy alternative Balto

Balto assists teams by automating customer service such as addressing common inquiries, resolving customer concerns, and directing complex inquiries to the appropriate agents. Moreover, Balto provides valuable insights into customer satisfaction and the performance of your customer service agents.

Why the tool’s worth a try:

Balto’s Dynamic Prompts feature is a game-changer for customer service teams. It gives agents relevant resources and information based on every caller’s needs and the conversation at hand. 

Balto advantages:

  • 🫡It lets you offer agents real-time coaching. 
  • 🌥️The user-friendly interface is simple to set up and use.
  • ⏩Live note-taking and automated call summarization speed up agents’ work.

Balto disadvantages:

  • 🏆It lacks specialized tools that could help with workforce engagement.
  • 💵The platform’s cost details aren’t transparently displayed on their pricing page.
  • ⚠️There’s no free trial option.

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How to use these Scorebuddy alternatives

Remember that each of the examples above excels at different core use cases. For instance, if Playvox has capacity planning features that other Scorebuddy alternatives don’t, Kaizo boasts strong quality assurance automation capabilities alongside workflow engagement.

We recommend making a list of your must-have and nice-to-have features before you test the alternative. This will make it easier to pick the solutions you want to try and you’ll also ensure you have the right functionalities for your team’s typical workflows.

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