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How Truecaller cut their performance analysis process by 75% with Kaizo

Truecallerx Kaizo case study

Truecaller basic info

Meet Truecaller

Truecaller is a caller ID and spam blocking app with messaging and dialer features that aims to make communication safe and efficient for everyone. With over 500 million app installs, it is no wonder that their customer support team is laser-focused on constantly improving their efficiency and service quality. 

Truecaller have been using Kaizo for 18 months to help surpass their performance goals. We spoke with Rohit Salian, Team Lead & QA Expert at Truecaller about how Kaizo has helped.

  • Operational efficiency: saving managers 20+ hours p/week on performance assessment
  • Scale management team: assisting in upskilling multiple senior agents to team lead positions
  • Improve team performance: pinpointing performance outliers earlier for more effective coaching processes

Truecaller customer support team



An outdated performance assessment process

Serving 200 million monthly active users with a support team of only 14 is no easy task. Rohit and the management team felt that they were wasting valuable time with complicated spreadsheets and dashboards for performance assessment. 

Not only that, these insights were not in real-time and only visible by certain people in the organization. As a result, their performance coaching opportunities were top-down and reactive rather than bottom-up and proactive.

“Before Kaizo, I spent 3-4 hours, going through agents metrics, putting them into spreadsheets and comparing them each day”

Rohit Salian – Team Lead & QA Expert at Truecaller


This wasted time and insufficient data access made it hard for Rohit to pinpoint performance outliers and effectively work on areas that needed improvement.

The Solution

Team-wide performance assessment in real-time

Truecaller was one of the first support teams to implement the Team Scorecard in August 2020. 

Since then, their new streamlined performance assessment process has allowed Rohit and his team to “gain insights effortlessly”.

Team Scorecard

Saying goodbye to spreadsheets & dashboards

Since shifting to Kaizo’s real-time scorecards, Rohit admits he saves “at least 3 hours per day” on performance assessment. As opposed to sifting through and analyzing team metrics, he simply opens up his Team Scorecard and extracts the data he needs within seconds.

Not only has this saved him valuable time, but it has also given him a more holistic view of his support operations. Working with a completely remote team, Rohit can stay on top of each of his agent’s performance with minimal effort.

“With Team Scorecard I can assess my entire team’s performance based on each metric and channel in a matter of clicks.”

The Results

Scaling the team

The 20+ hours Rohit saves each week combined with the simplicity of the Team Scorecard has allowed him to skill up multiple senior agents for team lead functions. As a fast scaling team, this has been an important goal for Truecaller.

“Training agents on our old tool was a very tiresome job. Team Scorecard is like a powerful analytics tool that requires no onboarding. We’ve already skilled up 2 agents in 2 months”


Proactively pinpointing problem areas

Rohit and his team are now receiving performance insights in real-time. As a result, they have been able to proactively pinpoint problem areas in their team and improve on them immediately. For one agent, last month this resulted in a 20% increase in his productivity based on tickets solved p/hour.

“Team scorecard immediately identified that one agent had dropped their productivity by 20%. After drilling into the heatmap we realized it was mainly due to a shift in their work schedule. So, we immediately shifted their schedule, did a brief coaching session and they were back to normal in under a week.”


Improving the efficiency of 1:1 meetings

Rohit admits that these insights have also made his meetings with agents much more efficient – saving 30-40 minutes per 1:1 meeting. Now that agents have real-time access to all their performance metrics in the Agent Scorecard they are much more educated and aware coming into the meetings.

“Meetings that used to take 1 hour now only take 15 minutes tops. The transparency of the Scorecards has turned our coaching process from one of management to guidance”


What’s next?

In the time Truecaller has been using Kaizo they have transformed their performance assessment process. We can’t wait to implement the performance development suite with their team in the near future and see how gamification will take their support to the next level!  

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