Get top-tier AI with Kaizo — now featuring models like Claude 3.5 Sonnet and GPT4o. Try them and pick your favorite!

Looking to replace Playvox? Meet Kaizo!

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With pricing starting at $16, 2-min setup, and a free test driveKaizo is your next-level Playvox alternative that leverages AI to automate QA, reach 100% ticket coverage, improve agent performance and motivation. 

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Zendesk & Salesforce full integration

Auto QA: tickets fully rated by AI

Call Transcriptions & Summaries (50+ languages)

AI Conversation Summary (50+ languages)

QA Insights and Root Cause Analysis

Real-time performance data on 35+ metrics

QA rating in Zendesk ticket view

Multi-level reporting

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AI-powered Quality Assurance

100% of tickets rated

-> Auto QA rate 100% of tickets in real time
-> Sort tickets by Sentiment & Empathy levels
-> Analyze root causes to instantly detect issues
-> Skim GPT-generated conversation summaries
-> AI-filter tickets by any criteria you need

Real-time Performance Insights

Minimal metric analysis time

-> Review performance drill-ins to spot issues fast
-> Easily detect underperformers and plan coaching
-> Quickly compare team vs individual outcomes
-> Create accurate reports in a few clicks

Performance Coaching

Agents trained for success

-> Pinpoint root causes of negative results
-> Build data-driven improvement roadmaps
-> Develop a continuous feedback loop using AI
-> Tell your team where, why, and how to improve
-> Take full control of the coaching cycle

Agent Motivation

Peak performance at all times

-> Easily keep agents engaged with gamification
-> Motivate agents with AI-generated goals
-> Celebrate successes and give out in-app rewards
-> Build and manage an engaged workforce

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