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Top 6 EvaluAgent alternatives that use AI and gamification

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EvaluAgent is a customer support platform that provides automated performance tracking and analytics to help customer service teams identify areas for improvement, set performance benchmarks, and assess employee performance. 

However, EvaluAgent is also one of the most lacking platforms when it comes to customer support operations. That’s because it’s:

  • Missing core workforce engagement features
  • Lacking some customer satisfaction and internal scoring surveys
  • Using limited AI functionalities (i.e. ChatGPT to power SmartScore)
  • Missing gamification capabilities 

EvaluAgent alternatives comparison

Evaluagent alternatives comparison table

Top EvaluAgent alternatives with pros and cons

EvaluAgent alternative #1: Kaizo

Kaizo Quality Assurance

Kaizo is a customer support operations tool for big teams looking to:

  • Maximize their Quality Assurance outputs
  • Quickly evaluate each agent’s tickets
  • Monitor everyone’s performance over time 
  • Get an in-depth look into agent performance
  • Pinpoint which areas need improvement
  • Provide relevant guidance and coaching

Its AI-powered Quality Assurance technology ensures accurate and impartial ratings for all tickets, allowing you to save time and resources when reviewing and scoring.

Samurai, an AI-powered extension, can generate a comprehensive summary of all tickets in a matter of seconds, plus make it easier for you to rate and evaluate each one. 

Through native performance coaching and automated QA, Kaizo’s workforce engagement tool is designed to maintain high levels of agent engagement and motivation.

Kaizo's WEM

Why you should use it: Kaizo is ideal for large teams looking to speed up Quality Assurance while making sure their agents have fun and stay engaged at work.

Must-try feature: Kaizo’s Missions are based on a unique gamification strategy that guides teams, ensuring superior customer service during times of high demand and eliminating backlogs. This system assigns each agent a ninja avatar, which is rewarded for meeting objectives in speed, quality, and productivity.

Kaizo pros:

  • 100% customizable and automated QA that lets you set standards and goals, pick IQS targets, and decide how many weekly QA ratings you need completed (Samurai)
  • Cutting-edge performance coaching, reporting, and real-time agent communication 
  • Instantaneous call transcription and real-time AI-crafted conversation summaries (Samurai)
  • Enjoyable user experience enriched by its game engine technology

Kaizo cons:

  • No mobile app 
  • Only users of Zendesk and Salesforce can use Kaizo at the moment

EvaluAgent alternative #2: Playvox

Evaluagent alternative

Why you should use it: Playvox will provide strong capacity planning features that most EvaluAgent alternatives on this list don’t have.

Must-try feature: Capacity Planner can look up to twelve months into the future, allowing you to plan staffing, onboarding, scheduled and unpredictable leaves, and shrinkage. The feature also lets you easily predict contact volumes and service levels to move away from outdated annual plans that change as volumes fluctuate.

Playvox pros:

  • Robust possibilities in overseeing and coaching your workforce
  • Adaptable API for integrating Playvox with various third-party platforms
  • Capacity planning powered by AI

Playvox cons:

  • Limited auto-scoring functionalities with a strict emphasis on evaluating customer sentiment
  • Each feature is contained within distinct modules, requiring individual payment for each of them

EvaluAgent alternative #3: Talkdesk

Evaluagent software alternative

Why you should use it: Talkdesk is the right choice for support teams that need a customer service operations tool with a strong focus on maintaining great agent communication.

Must-try feature: Their self-service authentication lets you ensure customer data protection and verify customer identity in real time. This way, you can route customers to agents faster and decrease average handle time.

Talkdesk pros:

  • Strong agent collaboration functionalities
  • Self-service options and chatbot creation support
  • Highly effective agent omnichannel engagement tools, including a mobile app
  • Extensive marketplace for third-party integrations

Talkdesk cons:

  • No free trial
  • Missing Auto QA or scorecards features

EvaluAgent alternative #4: Balto

Evaluagent alternative Balto

Why you should use it: Balto is perfect for customer service teams that want to provide AI-based virtual assistance to their agents.

Must-try feature: Balto’s Dynamic Prompts equip agents with the necessary resources to ensure that they can respond to callers’ questions, address their concerns, and provide critical information in the most effective way possible. 

Balto pros:

  • Real-time agent coaching 
  • User-friendly interface that’s simple to set up and use
  • Live note-taking and automated call summarization

Balto cons:

  • Lacks specialized tools for workforce engagement
  • Cost details aren’t transparently displayed on their pricing page
  • No free trial option

EvaluAgent alternative #5: Scorebuddy

Evaluagent alternative Scorebuddy

Why you should use it: Scorebuddy provides support teams with actionable insights based on intricate QA data to aid their decision-making process.

Must-try feature: Their Business Intelligence module lets you get more insights through automated QA, reporting and share these findings with stakeholders through dashboards. You can further add multi-dimensional reports and filters for the core KPIs of your business.

Scorebuddy pros:

  • Numerous third-party integrations facilitate seamless connection with existing tools via Scorebuddy
  • Option to select from an extensive array of customer satisfaction surveys (such as NPS, CSAT)
  • Diverse modules are provided for coaching, calibration, and compliance goals

Scorebuddy cons:

  • No gamification or workforce engagement functionalities
  • Pricing details are accessible only if you make a request

EvaluAgent alternative #6: Tymeshift

Evaluagent alternative software

Why you should use it: Tymeshift helps customer service managers and teams improve the performance and development of their agents.

Must-try feature: Their Complete Staffing Forecast uses Zendesk data for a customized prediction of future communication volumes and personnel requirements. To gain a better understanding of what’s happening in real time, you can also compare forecasts with the actual contact volume.

Tymeshift pros:

  • Includes automated scheduling features, reuniting time-off administration and shift exchange 
  • Optional localization add-on for extensive customization opportunities
  • Free plan option

Tymeshift cons:

  • Restricted integrations or API access (excluding the Zendesk and Google Calendar ones)
  • Extra fees are applicable for personalized onboarding and dedicated customer success managers

So, which EvaluAgent alternative is best for you?

Before selecting an EvaluAgent option, define your organization’s specific requirements and goals. Consider aspects such as coaching, feedback management, performance analysis, workforce engagement, integrations, and customization. Then, compare the features and functionalities of each alternative by considering the scalability of the alternative for your team’s projected growth.

Kaizo offers more than EvaluAgent, with automated QA and performance coaching, as well as features like gamification and workforce engagement. Kaizo’s AI technology also helps you save time and be more efficient.

Want a closer look at Kaizo and its latest Samurai AI extension? Try for free or book a demo to see them in action for your exact requirements.

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