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How Credit Repair Cloud boosted their tickets solved by 30% with Kaizo

Credit Repair Cloud case study

Credit Repair Cloud basic info

Meet Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud is the world’s first cloud-based credit repair software and CRM. With an innovative method that automates the process to correct errors on credit reports, they now help manage and track the growth of 3000+ companies around the world.

Credit Repair Cloud’s remote customer support team has been using Kaizo for 3 months. In this time, they have been making the most of the gamified skill-building feature to decrease their team’s first reply time by 50% and increased their tickets solved by 30%.

Credit Repair Cloud customer support team


Operational Capacity

The combination of gamification and detailed metrics insights can have a major impact on the productivity and capacity of customer support teams. Since using Kaizo, Dani’s team has seen a substantial increase in their agents’ capacity in terms of tickets handled and public comments per hour. 

Tickets Handled & Comments per hour

With Kaizo, Credit Repair Cloud is able to achieve more with the same amount of agents. With a noticeable increase in agents’ drive, they have seen a 30% spike in their overall productivity.

A month after starting to use Kaizo, Dani noticed that agents were clearing their entire ticket queue before closing. This never usually happened.


“When it started happening regularly we thought, ‘Ok, are there fewer tickets coming in?’ Upon review, we actually had received 1000 more tickets than the previous month”

Dani Healy, Customer Happiness Manager at Credit Repair Cloud

The team noticed a similar productivity boost when examining the increase in their comments per hour. Dani admits that the categorization of skills into quality, speed, and productivity have allowed her agents to improve more specifically, focussing more on areas that are needed.


We increased our output by 30% in just a few months. The points and levels incentivization along with QA rating has created the perfect balance between quality and quantity when it comes to answering tickets.” 

Dani Healy – Customer Happiness Manager at Credit Repair Cloud


Credit Repair Cloud can now solve more tickets to a higher quality with the same amount of agents. The goal-setting has made agents more driven to receive more productivity points. As a result, this has made them more confident and productive.

To ensure that this higher turnover of tickets is of high quality, team leads use the QA rating feature within the scorecard. They use this to review and collaborate with agents for improvement. As a result, Dani hasn’t had to hire more staff during periods of increased work. According to her, she has never seen a higher quality of service from her team.


Response Speed

Since implementing Kaizo, the Credit Repair Cloud team has been able to significantly increase the speed in which they answer tickets. Between increasing agent motivation and education for improvement, Credit Repair Cloud’s agents have been exponentially boosting their response efficiency by 50%. 

First Reply Time

One of the main benefits Dani’s team has experienced with Kaizo is a substantial decrease in their first reply time.

Before using Kaizo, Dani’s management team were creating time-consuming weekly reports for 1:1 meetings to find areas for agents’ improvement. She admits the data was not in real-time and agent’s only accessed them during their performance meetings.

Now with Kaizo’s real-time point allocation and goal-setting, their agents are more aware and accountable for their performance, especially with speed. The easy to use interface has helped their agents visualize their goals, which has significantly helped with their productivity.


“Since using the in-game points as a benchmark, we have cut our first reply time by 50% and our customers have thanked us for it”

Dani Healy – Customer Happiness Manager at Credit Repair Cloud


Credit Repair Cloud agents can now quantify their own performance and can assess their progress in real-time. The challenge of achieving their self-set goals and the reward of points for successes has created a sense of accountability for agents’ own performance. This has helped self-educate and motivate agents to continually improve their first reply times.

As a result, their agents are now able to work together to pinpoint improvement areas in real-time. This eases the pain of compiling data and telling their agents where to improve. Now agents are able to see this themselves in real-time and are motivated to continually improve their performance.  


After only three months, Credit Repair Cloud are just getting started with Kaizo. We can’t wait to continue to help develop their performance with  Kaizo.

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