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Kaizo vs Observe.AI: The battle of AI in customer support

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Observe.AI was built for conversational intelligence. But anyone will define this concept differently. In this case, the tool goes beyond classic conversational analysis to tap into quality assurance and agent coaching.  

But while Observe.AI does excel when it comes to assisting support agents, it fails to deliver strong capabilities to managers and QA raters. That’s where Kaizo comes in, catering to all three parties.

Let’s explore the Kaizo vs Observe.AI platforms at a glance!

Kaizo vs Observe.AI: One look

Kaizo vs Observe.ai comparison table

Kaizo vs Observe.AI: When to choose each of them

If you’re looking for a solution that will benefit agents, managers, and QA raters alike, there’s no doubt you should go for Kaizo. The platform is relevant for diverse use cases such as ensuring and automating quality assurance, workforce engagement, performance management and coaching, as well as reporting. 

Kaizo’s also a better fit for proactive Zendesk and Salesforce users thanks to its smooth native integration. 

While Observe.AI doesn’t have a native Salesforce or Zendesk integration, Kaizo boasts both and does so at an advanced level. With the Kaizo-Zendesk integration, for example, you can:

  • Rate tickets directly within Zendesk
  • Use Auto QA
  • Engage in performance coaching and gain insights
  • Gamify the entire support experience

Observe.AI’s unique advantage is its generative AI technology for knowledge management. This means you can opt for Observe.AI if you want to eliminate the need for agents to search through knowledge bases. With Knowledge AI, support representatives can access answers to customer inquiries directly from your knowledge bases or other documents, enabling agents to provide swift and accurate responses on the spot.

Kaizo vs Observe.AI: How artificial intelligence works with each of the two

Kaizo’s innovative artificial intelligence technology extends to all aspects of QA, performance management, and even workforce engagement.

Let’s start with the automated quality assurance process.

Kaizo’s Auto QA feature can reduce QA time by as much as 50% by helping you rate all tickets within minutes. All without requiring QA professionals to handle this. Additionally, it allows for the evaluation of procedure-based criteria tailored to your organization, going beyond just soft skills.

Kaizo Auto QA

When the automated QA rating is completed, Kaizo’s Samurai extension can automatically furnish your agents with feedback on their results. This supports a continuous improvement cycle, enabling agents to pinpoint their strengths and areas requiring enhancement. 

Use tip: Kaizo’s Auto QA tools further offer a comprehensive view of agent performance, analyzing aspects like communication skills, adherence to company guidelines, and accuracy in issue resolution. This provides a complete, 360-degree assessment of agents’ capabilities.

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Need an extra helping hand?

conversation summary in Kaizo

Kaizo’s Samurai can handle the summarization and evaluation of all tickets within a single minute. QA raters only need to review Samurai’s generated notes and make necessary adjustments, thanks to its automated capabilities. Moreover, Samurai can transcribe calls in over 50 languages, enabling agents to take quicker notes, identify compliance issues, and save time.

Samurai also automatically calculates your Customer Sentiment metric, enhancing the accuracy of sentiment analysis to detect issues early and pinpoint areas for improvement or additional training for agents.

Furthermore, Kaizo’s Agent Empathy Score relies on Samurai to ensure fair and consistent evaluation of all agent-customer interactions. These empathy scores can be used to offer constructive feedback, assisting agents in recognizing and enhancing their empathy skills.

Kaizo’s unique AI capabilities further extend to keep your agents motivated. Kaizo’s AI generates Empathy-based Missions to give your agents goals that stem from their own performance. 

We’ve already mentioned how Observe.AI uses generative AI to help agents answer customer questions faster. It’s also worth noting what the process behind this is. The Knowledge AI system ingests data from your essential knowledge repositories, FAQs, or any pertinent documents. Additionally, Knowledge AI learns on the go, assimilating insights from the most effective responses provided by agents to analogous queries in previous interactions.

Additionally, Observe.AI automatically transcribes calls and uses its Auto Summary technology to create quick notes in real-time or post-call. Its AI capabilities also extend to coaching by giving agents scripts and dynamic prompts for every conversation to maintain focus and facilitate self-coaching.

Kaizo vs Observe.AI: How their differences will impact your workflows

Let’s explore some more of the Kaizo vs Observe.AI differentiators by looking at each feature and use cases in detail!

Workforce engagement and gamification

We’ve turned Kaizo into one of the few customer support quality management platforms to boast workforce engagement capabilities. Our coaching tools are built on top of the latest gamification technology to provide an entertaining work experience to agents. 

With Kaizo’s Missions, each team member embodies a ninja avatar, striving to achieve goals in speed, quality, and productivity. This helps you encourage intrinsic motivation and foster agent success by setting personalized objectives, promoting transparent communication, and facilitating goal tracking.

Missions in kaizo

It’s worth mentioning that Observe.ai offers coaching and performance features, albeit lacking gamification elements or real-time performance reporting functionalities.

Data and reporting

Observe.AI doesn’t natively provide insights into agent performance. It can only report on sales, KPIs, and coaching performance. 

With Kaizo, you can get advanced insights on both QA and agent performance in one tool. In fact, Kaizo provides immediate access to real-time performance data on 35+ metrics.

real-time performance data in Kaizo

Estimated costs

Kaizo offers transparent and fair pricing anyone can see on the pricing page.

Unfortunately, Observe.AI’s pricing is gated and customized at all times and can only be accessed with a formal request and demo.

Book a free Kaizo demo to leverage AI in QA, performance, and workforce engagement alike!

Kaizo’s platform and artificial intelligence technology stand out thanks to its ability to cover the entire customer support lifecycle.

For a custom look at Kaizo,its latest Auto QA feature and Samurai AI extension, you can try them for free or book a demo to see them in action.

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