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Kaizo vs Playvox: Which one has a stronger performance management & QA setup?

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Playvox is a comprehensive customer support platform with a range of features, including call center analytics, customer satisfaction surveys, employee performance tracking, and customer feedback management.

However, in most cases, you’ll also need robust Auto QA capabilities, in-depth customer satisfaction surveys, or a solution to enhance the gamification aspect of the agent experience. Playvox doesn’t provide any of these features. Kaizo, on the other hand, does.

Let’s explore the similarities and distinctions between these two choices so you can choose the customer support quality management platform that aligns best with your needs.

Kaizo vs Playvox: Quick comparison

Kaizo vs Playvox features comparison table

Kaizo vs Playvox: What each tool is best at

Kaizo is best suited for support teams that want to speed up QA and provide a fun work experience for your agents using the latest AI technology. The tool is also suited for Zendesk and Salesforce users who want to run both QA and workforce management from the support tools they’re already using.

Playvox works best for customer support teams that need strong capacity planning capabilities. The app’s capacity planner makes use of both historical data and forecasts to help you plan your agents’ ticket distribution.

Kaizo vs Playvox: Are they similar?

Both Kaizo and Playvox stand out in the market thanks to their gamification capabilities. 

Kaizo’s Missions uses a unique gamification framework that enables you to guide your team in delivering exceptional service, especially during peak demand periods and when handling backlogs. Agents get their personal ninja avatars, receiving rewards based on their performance in speed, quality, and productivity.

Playvox turns to gamification to help you reward agents for their results. Agents accumulate points, rewards, and badges through various metrics you monitor in the system, such as quality scores, completed learning courses, coaching sessions, and more.

Both tools also provide quality assurance features such as Auto QA metrics, ticket filtering, QA insights, and root cause analysis. Kaizo does provide some extra capabilities here such as customizable QA scorecards and access to your QA processes directly within your Zendesk and Salesforce ticket view.

Kaizo’s Auto QA capabilities

Kaizo vs Playvox: How are they different

Let’s explore some more differentiators by looking at all features and use cases.

Performance management

Playvox does offer some essential coaching features such as building coaching assignments and individualized performance journeys. However, with Playvox, agents have very little insight into their performance. The tools’ performance metrics tend to give limited performance data and users find it lacks depth. 

Kaizo provides all the performance coaching functionalities teams need, plus advanced reporting. You can use Kaizo’s performance coaching to:

  • Communicate with agents in real time
  • Speed up and make task management easier
  • Schedule regular check-ins with Kaizo’s 1:1 meeting cards
  • Create custom coaching sessions
  • Stay informed and support collaboration with instant notifications about Coaching Cards
  • Track agent performance on over 35 metrics

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AI functionalities

Playvox has yet to provide any AI-based features. They might soon launch an Auto QA functionality that relies on AI but the tool will still need to develop more to keep up with the other customer support operation tools on the market.

Kaizo is already one huge step ahead with their Samurai AI extension that assists with automated quality assurance (Auto QA), automated ticket analysis, and workforce engagement. The extension also helps you deliver better performance coaching and reporting. Additionally, Kaizo leverages artificial intelligence to generate instant call transcriptions and conversation summaries in real time. 

Kaizo’s AI-based conversation summary

Connecting the tool with Zendesk or Salesforce

Certainly, both tools offer Zendesk and Salesforce integrations. However, it’s worth noting that Playvox requires more complex user authentication, as it’s not natively built into the platforms and you’ll also miss having an efficient ticket view window you can find in Kaizo. Additionally, its integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce aren’t as seamless as Kaizo’s. As a reference, check out Kaizo’s Quick Access.

When connecting Zendesk or Salesforce and Kaizo you’ve already completed all necessary authorizations, allowing you to start using Kaizo immediately without any additional setup. This process is straightforward and only requires a few clicks, making it more user-friendly compared to many other tools, including Playvox, which can involve additional steps for data integration.

From the end-user’s perspective in Kaizo, the view of agent conversations is enhanced compared to Playvox thanks to:

  • The level of detail for data pulled from Zendesk and Salesforce
  • Key performance metrics like CSAT, FRT, and PR
  • Status changes that provide insights into whether the agent followed the correct ticket-handling procedures
  • AI elements such as customer sentiment and agent empathy analysis, as well as an AI Summary for entire tickets


Playvox doesn’t offer transparent pricing so you won’t be able to tell how much everything’s going to cost unless you make a formal price quote request. It’s also worth noting there’s no free trial available.

Kaizo offers fully transparent and fair pricing anyone can access with plans starting at $16/user/month and a free 30-day trial.

What customers have to say about each tool

What customers say about Kaizo:

“We can pull stats in a second without having to extract data from multiple sources, and format in spreadsheets etc. If I want to look at a certain metric, in a certain time frame, for certain people – I can check in just a few clicks.

I also like the aesthetic, and the friendly / non-intimidating nature of Kaizo. This makes it appealing to our Team Leads, as well as Agents, and it doesn’t portray a negative view to performance management.

The Kaizo team have been with us since Day 1 of our Kaizo journey, and we always feel like our thoughts and opinions are listened to. In terms of customer care, the team is attentive and have really taken the time to understand our business and what we need,” says a Kaizo user on G2.

“It is a software that shows us all the performance of our team live in a single place. It has a great choice of metrics and allows us to decide which ones work best to evaluate our team.

The Missions and QA house is one of our favorite as thanks to this it has allowed us to take the team to another level of performance that we didn’t imagine we could reach so quickly. Our team is very motivated to achieve the weekly goals/missions through the Ninja avatars, this important piece of the puzzle is what makes it groundbreaking. The gamification makes it fun and easier for our team to understand and reach the goals,” says another Kaizo user on G2.

What customers say about Playvox:

“The auto-scheduling and forecasting features are very helpful for improving SLA and scheduling more quickly and accurately. The auto-scheduling allows you to set up a variety of highly specific configurations to meet your needs — most WFM tools are sorely lacking in auto-scheduling capabilities,” says a Playvox user on G2

“What I like most about Playvox is the real-time feedback between the agents and the QA team based on best practices in favor of improvements in customer service processes. The coaching section is of vital importance for the constant learning of the agents. It is a very versatile and customizable tool. It is useful for both the QA department, Team Leader, and Agents,” says another Playvox user on G2

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