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Kaizo vs Balto: Which one is best for assisting your entire QA team?

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The biggest use case you should remember when it comes to Balto is its ability to assist and guide agents in real time through generative AI.

For everything else, there’s Kaizo. The two tools are as different as they get despite a couple of similarities. 

This said, you’ll be well off just relying on Kaizo to assist your entire QA team — not just your agents.

Let’s explore some of the fundamental differentiators as well as similarities between these platforms.

Kaizo vs Balto: One look

Kaizo vs Balto: When to choose each of them

Kaizo is a complete customer support quality assurance platform that works for a variety of use cases. So whether you’re looking to automate and improve QA, improve agent engagement, or keep your workforce engaged, Kaizo’s the right pick for you. All using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements. More on the complexities of each module in the following sections.

On the other end, Balto works best if you need generative AI to guide QA leaders. The platform uses its own BaltoGPT to provide instant answers to your most pressing questions related to agent performance and coaching flows.

Additionally, it guides your agents through smart checklists and dynamic prompts for handling questions, concerns, or important information from callers. This ensures that agents consistently have guidance on the best responses and can effectively navigate conversations. 

Kaizo vs Balto: Fundamental similarities

Let’s get the most important things out there: Both Kaizo and Balto help with QA efforts to some extent.

Quality assurance

Balto uses generative AI for its QA Copilot to assist with building QA scorecards, reviewing agent QA scores, and creating custom coaching opportunities.

Kaizo recently launched a unique automated quality assurance (Auto QA) feature that can help you do all of the above and score all of your tickets at a faster rate.

To get started, all you have to do is instruct Kaizo’s AI assistant, Samurai, on your quality benchmarks. This will outline how Auto QA should align with current company policies so our GPT model can capture all the subtle nuances in your customer support interactions.

For precise testing, Samurai examines previously reviewed tickets by your human QA assessors. However, this time, the AI system incorporates the newly introduced criteria. The closer the alignment between human and machine ratings on a ticket, the greater the matching percentage.

After this, it’s time to let Auto QA handle the rating in your place. Your QA raters will be able to access the Auto QA feature by navigating to their QA Scorecard and clicking the designated button.

After this, the automated quality assurance process runs concurrently with the manual one. While Samurai evaluates the preselected criteria automatically within the tickets, your QA raters can review the notes generated by Samurai and make adjustments if necessary. It’s crucial for them to verify that the automated criteria are yielding accurate results to ensure result precision. 

Kaizo’s QA capabilities further extend allowing you to:

  • Use sentiment filtering to identify positive and negative conversations, pinpointing the underlying reasons for negative agent ratings
  • Review GPT-generated summaries to quickly categorize conversations by tags, channels, and relevant metrics, identifying exact focus areas
  • Rate tickets directly within Zendesk and Salesforce to save time and avoid tab jumping
  • Set your own IQS targets, parameters, and metrics to prioritize what matters most.
  • Choose how many weekly QA ratings you need completed and ensure quality evaluation supports your business objectives
  • And more!


The two tools are among the few ones in their space that use gamification technology.

Kaizo’s coaching capabilities rely on gamification to help you enhance the overall work experience for agents.

Its Missions use a gamified approach to maintain outstanding customer service, even during peak demand periods. Each team member has their own ninja avatar, aiming to achieve targets in speed, quality, and productivity. This platform facilitates agent success by setting personalized goals, promoting transparent communication, and effortless goal tracking.

gamified space in Kaizo

Likewise, Balto’s current gamification tech lets you provide agents with tailored challenges and badges to foster meaningful engagement. For instance, you can reward your agents instantly within the app for enhancing skills that drive business results with features like leaderboards, challenges, and badges.

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Use of artificial intelligence

Kaizo and Balto are playing a fair AI war as they’ve both invested heavily in providing the best support to users.

Kaizo’s Samurai extension offers an AI summary and assessment of all tickets in under a minute. Your QA raters only need to review the notes generated by Samurai and make any necessary adjustments thanks to this automated system. Additionally, it can transcribe calls automatically in over 50 languages, enabling agents to take quicker notes, detect compliance issues, and save time.

Samurai also automatically calculates your Customer Sentiment metric, leading to more precise customer sentiment analysis. This way, you can detect issues early and pinpoint strengths or areas requiring additional agent training.

Kaizo’s Agent Empathy Score also uses Samurai to ensure an equitable and consistent evaluation of all agent-user interactions. With empathy scoring you can provide constructive feedback, assisting agents in recognizing and improving their empathy skills.

Balto leverages artificial intelligence through its generative AI capabilities (outlined above). Besides using this to offer agents real-time guidance, Balto is equipped with sentiment analysis, call transcription, and a real-time notetaker.

Kaizo vs Balto: Why the differences matter

But you’ll truly decide which tool to opt for by looking at their differences.

Insights and analytics

Both tools offer multi-level reporting as well as QA insights and Root Cause Analysis.

Yet, Balto doesn’t natively provide insights into agent performance like Kaizo does.

Within Kaizo, you get access to advanced insights on both QA and agent performance in one single platform — with real-time performance data on 35+ metrics.

performance metrics in Kaizo

Zendesk and Salesforce integration

Balto doesn’t have a native Zendesk integration. It can, however, be embedded within Salesforce to improve agent productivity by bringing real-time agent guidance within a single pane. It’s worth noting this native Balto-Salesforce integration is strictly limited to having Balto within the Salesforce CRM for the real-time guidance feature.

Kaizo though will be better suited for any company that heavily relies on Zendesk and Salesforce thanks to the smooth native integrations. 

With the Kaizo-Zendesk integration or Kaizo-Salesforce integration you can:

  • Rate tickets directly within Zendesk or Salesforce
  • Use Auto QA
  • Engage in performance coaching and gain insights
  • Gamify your support experience from start to finish


Kaizo provides fair and transparent subscriptions from $16/user/month (billed annually). You can also test the tool with a 30-day free trial.

Balto doesn’t offer transparent pricing but costs are determined by the number of seats required and the duration of your contract.

The business value of Kaizo

Kaizo rests as the premier choice for businesses with large support teams, helping elevate the experience for agents, managers, QA assessors, and customers alike. Foot Locker Europe, for instance, experienced significant improvements in their Customer Care contact center from 2020 to 2021, reducing Resolution Time by 75% and Reply Time by 37%.

Other teams that chose Kaizo are also benefiting from improved support operations:

  • Capital.com boosted their Tickets Solved per hour by 22.99% within a year
  • END. slashed their First Reply Time (FRT) in half between June and December
  • GAMING1 enhanced its ticket processing rate by 50%

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