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Kaizo vs Pathlight: Choosing the best customer support agent performance solution

Kaizo vs Pathlight comparison

You’re probably here because you’re looking for the best solution to help you improve agent performance and engagement.

But did you know your next customer support software should focus on quality assurance just as much? Gamification, strong analytics, and ease of use are three other factors that you need to weigh in.

Let’s see how Kaizo and Pathlight compare when it comes to these!

Kaizo vs Pathlight: At a glance

Kaizo vs Pathlight comparison table

Kaizo vs Pathlight: What each tool is best at

Kaizo is a wise pick if you’re looking to run all your support operations from one place. This means Zendesk and Salesforce users will be able to access QA, instant insights, impactful coaching, and gamified engagement for their agents.

Pathlight is great if you’re looking to quickly capture, transcribe, and analyze any customer communication, no matter the platform, as it happens. Its AI can reduce the workload of your team by automatically transcribing and reviewing all incoming and outgoing calls, saving you time and energy. But Kaizo provides all of this functionality, too.

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Kaizo vs Pathlight: Any similarities?

Kaizo and Pathlight are one of the few customer support tools that prioritize agent engagement. 

Kaizo’s Missions feature takes a gamified approach to ensure high-quality customer service during times of high demand and backlogs. Each team member is assigned an avatar of a ninja and rewarded for reaching goals in speed, quality, and productivity. Kaizo’s mission-based system lets you motivate your staff with personalized goals, transparent communication, and goal tracking.

Kaizo’s gamified Missions in action

Kaizo’s performance coaching platform helps you move engagement further. Not only does it allow you to communicate with agents in real time and schedule 1:1s, but you can also track agent progress and foster collaboration with instant notifications about Coaching Cards.

setting up a coaching card in Kaizo

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Pathlight also puts performance first through integrated coaching. While the feature isn’t as advanced as in Kaizo’s case, you can still use Patlight to give your customer-facing teams the necessary tools to make better decisions and improve their performance quickly. 

Pathlight Conversation Intelligence provides actionable coaching by assessing many points of performance data — ranging from customer interactions to employee KPIs, goals, and benchmarks.

Both tools were also among the first in the space to introduce artificial intelligence into the picture. Kaizo’s Samurai extension relies on the latest AI advancement to give you a perfect recap of all your tickets so you can analyze and score each of them in less than a minute. This includes:

  • Having ALL of your tickets automatically QA rated
  • Easily spotting low customer and agent sentiments
  • Sorting tickets by sentiment and empathy
  • AI-filtering tickets based on any criteria
  • GPT summaries of calls and conversations
  • Accurate call transcripts
  • AI-generated goals to drive motivation
  • And much more!

Meanwhile, Pathlight makes use of AI to help you analyze your customer conversations by giving you natural language summarizations and generating tags automatically based on new conversation data to quickly identify emerging trends and topics. You can also use Pathlight’s Generative AI to get accurate answers to customer ticket issues instantly.

Kaizo vs Pathlight: What about differences?

Next, we’re analyzing common necessary functionalities and how each tool delivers on them.

QA functionalities

Kaizo: With Kaizo’s Auto QA feature, managers can be sure that 100% of their tickets are rated according to the criteria and QA prompts they establish. This ensures that each team can customize ratings based on their standards. Furthermore, service quality assessments will become more consistent, eliminating potential mistakes and biases that are often associated with manual processes.

Automated quality assurance in Kaizo on a customer conversation

👉 Get 100% of your tickets automatically rated! Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to standardize and speed up quality assurance while removing human error and prejudice from the picture. Try for free!

Pathlight: Pathlight AutoQA feature is relatively new so it’s not that advanced yet. At this stage, you can use Pathlight for quality assurance to review and score conversations and analyze calls. 

Data and reports

Kaizo: Kaizo gives you valuable insights into both quality assurance and agent performance. You can get access to real-time performance data on over 35 metrics, making it easier to keep track of and improve your agents’ effectiveness. Kaizo’s Scorecards further enable agents to dispute a negative review that negatively impacts their Negative Response Rate (NRR). This will give agents the encouragement they need to take control of their metrics, instead of making them feel helpless.

Sample reporting in Kaizo

Pathlight: Like Kaizo, Pathlight provides detailed QA insights, multi-level reporting, and agent performance metrics. However, Pathlight doesn’t tap into customer sentiment and agent empathy analysis. Real-time performance metrics are also lacking with users reporting poor synchronization and inaccuracies. The tool also doesn’t provide customer satisfaction and internal scoring surveys.

Zendesk and Salesforce integrations

Kaizo: Connecting Zendesk and Kaizo is a quick and easy process, requiring only a few clicks. Once connected, users can try Kaizo right away with no additional setup. With Kaizo, the view of agent conversations from Zendesk is more comprehensive than other tools due to the increased level of detail for data pulled from Zendesk. You’ll also get access to key performance metrics, AI-based customer sentiment and agent empathy analysis, AI call summaries, and more!

Pathlight: Pathlight too has a Zendesk integration that provides strong organization and analytics but is missing strong user authentication and a ticket view window you can find in Kaizo.

Note: Both Kaizo and Pathlight boast a Salesforce integration too. Kaizo’s native Salesforce integration allows you to capture coachable moments, analyze performance with real-time metrics, improve service quality with advanced QA, and save time with real-time KPI management.


Kaizo: Kaizo offers pricing that is clear and equitable, with plans starting at $16/user/month. You can also trial Kaizo for a whole month for free!

Pathlight: Pathlight doesn’t provide pricing that’s easily accessible, so you‘ll need to ask for an official quote to know the cost. Additionally, there’s no free trial to give the tool a try beforehand. 

Summing it all up!

When comparing Kaizo vs Pathlight it’s clear both of them have prioritized agent engagement and performance improvement capabilities as well as relying on AI for a more accurate experience. 

The two tools have also introduced Auto QA to their stacks but Pathlight’s still not a primarily QA-focused tool. Kaizo, on the other hand, has a long history of quality assurance, helping teams cut their QA time and build centralized QA teams.  

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