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Run all customer support operations in one place

  Quality Assurance

Improve service quality with advanced QA integrated into your processes


Analyse performance with real-time agent & team metrics, dashboards and trends

  Performance Coaching

Capture coachable moments and drive successful outcomes for your team with gamification


Motivate agents to reach goals, gain new skills, improve overall performance, and celebrate success

Boosting performance for 10k agents globally

Kaizo for Heads
of Support

Empower continuous department growth and lower operating costs


Kaizo for Team Leads & Ops Managers

Enable your agents by simplifying their workflows

Kaizo for Agents & CS Representatives

Provide great customer experiences and take control of your performance

Cut Resolution Time by 75%

  • Track your preferred KPIs and metrics in real time
  • Develop benchmarks and service quality standards
  • Provide regular feedback and empower agents for continuous growth

Boost your service quality by 11% in the first 3 months

  • Utilize real-time data to track performance
  • Analyze insights and customer interactions
  • Give agents actionable advice on where they can improve

Build goal-driven teams

  • Put your agents on a Mission to reach higher performance outcomes
  • Leverage gamification and learning opportunities to help your agents gain new skills
  • Nurture a culture of transparency and ownership

Save 4-8 hours on reporting each week

  • Forget about spreadsheets
  • Simplify and automate reporting processes
  • Get all your data united in one platform

Accelerate your customer support operations

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