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Kaizo vs Assembled: Which one has the full support management suite?

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  • Automating quality assurance
  • Running performance coaching
  • Keeping support agents engaged
  • Providing quick support
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Fostering empathy in interactions

These are just some of the common use cases any support team has.

But Assembled is just a performance management tool. You can’t use it to do QA. 

It can help you in managing agent performance, but you’ll need to get a separate tool to tackle all of the use cases we’ve just listed above.

Unless you opt straight away for a solution that includes both QA and performance management. 

That’s why we’re digging into a detailed comparison of Assembled and Kaizo. The latter is a perfect mix of all the functionalities you need to manage your customer support operations.

Kaizo vs Assembled: In 10 seconds

Kaizo vs Assembled comparison table

Kaizo vs Assembled: When to choose each of them

Kaizo can help you solve performance management struggles plus other challenges such as:

Assembled is a pick for support teams looking to improve staffing accuracy, simplify schedule creation, and improve cross-team visibility into performance data.

Kaizo vs Assembled: Are they similar?

Simply put, there are few similarities between the two. That’s because they’re fundamentally different tools. 

Yet, Kaizo and Assembled do meet halfway when it comes to performance-related metrics. Both tackle over 35 metrics as well as advanced multi-level reporting and a large variety of dashboards, charts, and graphs for visualization.

Performance metrics in Kaizo

👉 Get a complete overview of your team’s performance. Kaizo gives you valuable metrics into performance trends, so you can easily spot exceptional performers and agents needing guidance. Try for free!

Kaizo vs Assembled: What are the differences?

But while the two do share some performance tracking features, there are actually quite a lot of differences. Even when it comes to agent performance management.


As mentioned, Assembled doesn’t provide sufficient QA functionality.

Kaizo’s the tool you’ll want to choose if you want to take advantage of a complete and consistent suite of Quality Assurance solutions. In particular, Kaizo’s Auto QA equips managers with the assurance that each ticket they receive can be rated according to the criteria and QA prompts they set. 

This allows teams to customize the ratings to match their specific standards. Additionally, automated service quality assessments help you minimize potential mistakes and biases commonly associated with manual processes.

Automated Quality Assurance in Kaizo on a customer conversation

Kaizo offers additional Quality Assurance features, such as customizable QA scorecards, running QA processes within Zendesk or Salesforce ticket view, Auto QA metrics, ticket filtering, QA insights, and root cause analysis.

👉 Don’t waste any more time on manual Quality Assurance! Kaizo’s Auto QA system standardizes and speeds up the process while removing human error and bias. Try for free!

Workforce engagement and performance management

There’s no doubt Assembled excels when it comes to its agent workload scheduling and forecasting capabilities. They even provide trends and staffing heatmaps. But Assembled’s use cases end with scheduling and analytics. In fact, the tool lacks a coaching feature.

You can get that with Kaizo. Kaizo’s performance coaching helps you increase engagement. With the ability to communicate with agents in real time, schedule 1:1s, track agent progress, and foster collaboration with instant notifications about Coaching Cards, Kaizo is the perfect tool to help you keep your team engaged.

👉 See how other brands improved agent productivity by 20%! Truecaller used coaching opportunities and Kaizo’s real-time insights to cut their performance analysis process by 75%. See Kaizo in action!

Assembled also doesn’t provide any gamification capabilities to help customer support agents stay motivated, benefit from knowledge sharing, gain expertise, and evolve quickly in their roles.

Kaizo’s Missions feature uses a gamified approach to help ensure excellent customer service, even when there’s a lot of demand and backlogs. Each team member gets their ninja avatar and is rewarded for reaching goals in speed, quality, and productivity. 

This mission-based system allows you to engage your staff with personalized goals, clear communication, and progress monitoring.

Kaizo's gamification tool

Artificial intelligence

Assembled has yet to introduce AI capabilities to its platform.

Kaizo’s Samurai extension uses cutting-edge AI technology to let you keep up with the needs of a scaling team or high-demand periods. You can use it to:

  • Get comprehensive summaries of your tickets in just a few moments
  • Evaluate and score each ticket based on customer and agent sentiment, empathy, and any other criteria you select
  • Get accurate phone call transcripts
  • Rely on AI-generated goals to drive motivation
  • And much more!

Zendesk & Salesforce integration

Luckily both tools come with a Zendesk and Salesforce integration. You can use the Assembled-Zendesk integration to stay coordinated with schedules and real-time updates within Zendesk. This will prove helpful for making data-driven decisions and getting better visibility into your company.

But that’s where the Assembled-Zendesk integration ends. It can be difficult and clunky to implement since it lacks user authentication and the ticket view window you can find in Kaizo.

Connecting Kaizo and Zendesk or Salesforce  is a breeze: All that’s needed is a few clicks. There’s no need to go through any extra steps either, as you can start using the add-on immediately. 

With Kaizo, you’ll also get a more detailed view of your agents’ conversations than with other tools. This, plus access to essential performance metrics, AI-based customer sentiment and agent empathy analysis, AI call summaries, and more!


Kaizo’s plans start at $16/user/month and offer equitable costs and discounts for growing businesses. Plus, you can trial Kaizo for free for an entire month with no credit card required!

You can’t tell how much you have to pay for Assembled though as pricing isn’t publicly displayed on their website. No free trial option.

Why other teams choose Kaizo

Kaizo has been instrumental in improving the experience for agents, managers, QA raters, and customers alike for businesses of all sizes. In particular, Foot Locker Europe was able to reduce Resolution Time by an impressive 75% and Reply Time by 37% between 2020 and 2021 in their Customer Care contact center.

Kaizo has also enabled Truecaller to reduce their performance analysis process by 75%, NMBRS to save their management team 3-5 hours every week, and GAMING1 to increase their ticket processing by 50%.

Here’s what other users had to say:

“We can pull stats in a second without having to extract data from multiple sources, and format in spreadsheets etc. If I want to look at a certain metric, in a certain time frame, for certain people – I can check in just a few clicks.

I also like the aesthetic, and the friendly / non-intimidating nature of Kaizo. This makes it appealing to our Team Leads, as well as Agents, and it doesn’t portray a negative view to performance management.

The Kaizo team have been with us since Day 1 of our Kaizo journey, and we always feel like our thoughts and opinions are listened to. In terms of customer care, the team is attentive and have really taken the time to understand our business and what we need.” G2 review

“It is a software that shows us all the performance of our team live in a single place. It has a great choice of metrics and allows us to decide which ones work best to evaluate our team.

The Missions and QA house is one of our favorite as thanks to this it has allowed us to take the team to another level of performance that we didn’t imagine we could reach so quickly. Our team is very motivated to achieve the weekly goals/missions through the Ninja avatars this important piece of the puzzle is what makes it groundbreaking. The gamification makes it fun and easier for our team to understand and reach the goals.”G2 review

You can get the same (or better) results!

👉 Achieve a 100% automatic ticket rating! Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to streamline and expedite Quality Assurance, eliminating human error and bias for good. Try for free today!

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