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Kaizo vs Scorebuddy: Which one can optimize QA rating efficiency?

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Kaizo and Scorebuddy couldn’t be more different.

While companies that need business intelligence capabilities to make informed decisions pick Scorebuddy, organizations looking to scale their support QA efforts pick Kaizo thanks to its advanced Quality Assurance Automation (AI) and agent engagement capabilities.

But the differences go beyond this as Scorebuddy is missing core features like advanced AI, real-time performance data reporting, gamification, workforce engagement, and more.

Let’s explore the fundamental differences and occasional similarities where the two platforms overlap!

Kaizo vs Scorebuddy: At a glance

Kaizo vs Scorebuddy comparison table

Kaizo vs Scorebuddy: What use cases are best for each

Kaizo is the ideal choice for support teams seeking to accelerate QA processes and provide an enjoyable work environment for agents through the use of cutting-edge AI technology. 

Its key applications include delivering precise and prompt responses to inquiries, monitoring and assessing customer interactions, automating quality assurance, and proactively addressing potential problems before they escalate. Kaizo’s capabilities extend beyond QA to cultivate empathy in interactions between customers and agents while boosting agent productivity, drive, and effectiveness. 

Scorebuddy is a good pick for support teams that need complex QA data to get actionable insights for their decision-making process. Its business intelligence as well as detailed reporting and dashboards facilitate this. Additionally, their peer and self-scoring assessments for agents as well as the ability to automatically track compliance across a company offer an extra reporting layer.

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Kaizo vs Scorebuddy: Any similarities?

There are very few similarities between the two as Kaizo and Scorebuddy are quite different tools. 

The core similarity between them is their integration with Zendesk and Salesforce.

With the Kaizo-Zendesk integration, for example, you can:

  • Rate tickets directly within Zendesk
  • Use Auto QA
  • Engage in performance coaching and gaining insights
  • Gamify the entire support experience

Both Kaizo and Scorebuddy also have excellent analytics and reporting tools.

Kaizo provides information about both Quality Assurance and agent performance. You can stay up-to-date with over 35 metrics in real time, making it easy to monitor and improve agent productivity. 

Kaizo’s Scorecards allow agents, QA raters, and managers to dispute negative reviews, thereby encouraging agents to take responsibility for their metrics rather than feeling helpless.

Kaizo Scorecards

Scorebuddy’s business intelligence automates quality assurance reporting to reveal key findings and distribute them among all stakeholders. It also uses multi-level reports and filters to prioritize the critical QA performance indicators for your company.

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Kaizo vs Scorebuddy: Fundamental differences

Let’s explore some more differentiators by looking at each feature and use case in detail!

AI functionalities

Kaizo’s Samurai extension enables a quick summary and evaluation of all tickets in under a minute. Your QA raters only need to review the notes created by Samurai and make any required modifications, thanks to the automated system. It can also automatically transcribe your calls in more than 50 languages so agents can take faster notes, identify compliance errors, and save time.

Samurai also automatically calculates your Customer Sentiment metric to improve the accuracy of your customer sentiment analysis, spot problems early, and identify areas of strength or where agents might need more training. 
Kaizo’s Agent Empathy Score relies on Samurai to ensure a fair and consistent evaluation of all agent-user engagements. You can use these empathy scores to provide constructive feedback, aiding agents in recognizing and enhancing their empathy skills.

Meanwhile, Scorebuddy has AI capabilities limited to its reporting module with its smart analytics reviews allowing you to review more conversations.

Automated quality assurance

Both tools have QA capabilities. However, Scorebuddy is limited to classic QA scorecards, QA insights, and root cause analysis. Kaizo employs automated quality assurance (Auto QA) to reduce QA time by as much as 50%.

Instead of evaluating just a couple of tickets per agent per week, which may not fully reflect their performance due to limited staff or time, Auto QA allows for all tickets to be rated within minutes. This can be achieved with even fewer QA professionals required. Plus, it means you can go beyond soft skills to rate procedure-based criteria specific to your organization.

Auto QA rating in Kaizo

Once the automated QA rating is done, you can let Samurai provide your agents with automated feedback on their results. This makes for a more continuous improvement cycle, helping agents identify their strengths and areas that need improvement. Based on these, you can improve team-wide engagement rates with insights for collective learning.

Kaizo’s Auto QA tools will thus provide a 360-degree view of agent performance. This is done through analyzing various aspects such as communication skills, adherence to company guidelines, and accuracy in issue resolution.

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The use cases of QA within Kaizo further expand to: 

  • Identifying positive or negative conversations by filtering tickets based on sentiment 
  • Prioritizing critical conversations for targeted enhancements and exceptional service 
  • Customizing IQS targets, parameters, and metrics to prioritize the most important parts
  • Ensuring that quality evaluation aligns with organizational objectives 
  • Alerting agents about critical errors at an early stage and speeding up performance improvement 

Workforce engagement and gamification

Kaizo’s Missions use gamification to help you ensure excellent customer service, even during times of high demand. Each agent receives a unique ninja avatar and is recognized for completing tasks related to speed, quality, and productivity.

By implementing this system, employees have individualized targets, open communication, and continuous monitoring of their professional advancement, resulting in increased motivation and involvement.

Kaizo's goal setting tool

Kaizo extends its commitment to empowering your team by offering comprehensive performance coaching and insights. Through this, you can actively monitor your agents’ performance, elevate engagement levels, and foster continuous improvement. The platform’s Coaching Cards also let you sum up conversations, offer continuous guidance, and define better tasks for every agent’s performance improvement.

With Scorebuddy, you can’t leverage any game-like technology. Yet, you get access to essential coaching for GROW, OSKAR, and CLEAR coaching models. Its built-in coaching plan templates also empower continuous learning by letting you assign follow-up tasks, training paths, and share real-time feedback.

You can also use Scorebuddy to analyze scorecards and report on agent performance, identifying common patterns and trends in tickets.


Kaizo offers transparent costs with subscriptions from $16/user/month ( if billed annually). You can also opt for an extended 30-day trial for free.

Scorebuddy doesn’t offer transparent pricing but it’s worth noting that each of the add-ons comes at an extra cost. A 14-day free trial is optional.

The value behind Kaizo

Kaizo has been a top choice for businesses with extensive support teams to enhance the overall experience for agents, managers, QA raters, and customers. From 2020 to 2021, Foot Locker Europe has successfully reduced their Resolution Time by 75% and Reply Time by 37% in their Customer Care contact center. 

Additionally, they’ve achieved a consistent monthly increase of 5% in their Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and a notable decrease of almost 66% in their Resolution Time.

Other teams using Kaizo are also saving time on tasks that were previously time-consuming:

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