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Kaizo vs Tymeshift: Which one can improve agent engagement and performance?

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Tymeshift has only the basic features you need to better organize your customer support team’s time and generate accurate staffing forecasts. The tool was recently acquired by Zendesk and now it’s mostly an add-on there. 

It helps you plan shifts and analyze capacity, but it’s more about improving workloads rather than improving the quality of work or the quality of service. 

There’s no QA, no coaching, and no performance insights. That’s exactly what you need to improve your customer support operations.

So how does it compare to Kaizo?

Kaizo vs Tymeshift: All the features that matter compared

Kaizo vs Tymeshift comparison table

Kaizo vs Tymeshift: When to choose each solution

Kaizo is the right pick for support teams looking to speed up QA and offer a fun work experience for agents using the latest AI technology. Among its core use cases:

  • Answering queries accurately and quickly
  • Monitoring and evaluating the quality of customer interactions
  • Automating all quality assurance procedures 
  • Increasing agent productivity, motivation, and efficiency 
  • Enhancing the customer experience 
  • Proactively addressing common issues before they become severe
  • Assisting in managing customer interactions across multiple communication channels
  • Fostering empathy in all customer-agent interactions

Tymeshift is best suited if you want to use forecasting and automatic scheduling for your agents. Some of the challenges it can help you solve include:

  • Analyzing current forecasting and scheduling for agent ticket distribution
  • Identifying workload areas that need improvement
  • Using data-driven decision-making to enhance agent experience within Zendesk

Kaizo vs Tymeshift: Are they similar?

There are very few similarities between the two as Kaizo and Tymeshift are fundamentally different tools. 

The only similarity they share is that they integrate with Zendesk. However, even when it comes to this integration, there’s one core significant difference: Since Tymeshift doesn’t do QA, you can’t handle quality assurance through the integration. 

Rating tickets directly within Zendesk, using Auto QA, performance coaching and insights, as well as gamifying the entire experience are only possible with the Kaizo-Zendesk integration.

Note: Tymeshift only works with Zendesk while Kaizo can be used both on Zendesk and Salesforce.

Additionally, both tools offer extensive customizable roles and permissions for their app as well as multi-level reporting.

Kaizo vs Tymeshift: How do they differ?

Let’s explore some more differentiators by looking at each feature and use case in detail!

Quality Assurance (+ Auto QA)

As mentioned, Tymeshift has no Quality Assurance capabilities.

Kaizo though has a long history of helping teams cut QA time. Kaizo’s Auto QA feature allows managers to guarantee that every ticket is rated as per the criteria and QA prompts they set. 

Rather than rating a fraction of tickets per agent per week, which does not provide an accurate representation of their performance (due to lack of personnel or hours), Auto QA enables you to have all tickets rated in a matter of minutes. All this with even fewer QA experts needed.

Automated Quality Assurance in Kaizo

👉 Don’t waste any more time on manual Quality Assurance! Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to standardize and speed up the process while removing human error and bias. Try for free!

QA within Kaizo extends to other use cases such as:

  • Filter tickets by sentiment to spot positive/negative conversations
  • Prioritize critical conversations for targeted improvements and exceptional service
  • Set your own IQS targets, parameters, and metrics to prioritize what matters most
  • Ensure quality evaluation directly supports your organizational objectives.
  • Alert agents to critical mistakes early on and accelerate performance progress
  • And more!

Workforce engagement and gamification

Kaizo’s Missions feature incorporates a gamified technique to guarantee superior customer service, even during busy periods. Every employee is given their custom ninja avatar and awarded for accomplishing objectives related to speed, quality, and productivity.

This mission-based system allows for personalized goals, transparent conversation, and consistent tracking of progress, all of which motivate staff and keep them engaged.

Kaizo's gamification tool

🎮 Gamify support excellence with Kaizo! Drive agent motivation with Missions that turn high-demand hours and backlog tasks into thrilling adventures. Try it for free and turn work into play! 🚀

But engagement doesn’t end here. You can keep an eye on your team’s performance and increase engagement levels with Kaizo’s performance coaching and insights. This allows you to communicate with agents in real time, schedule 1:1s, track agent progress, and receive instant notifications about Coaching Cards that foster collaboration.

Engagement in Tymeshift’s case is strictly limited to what you make of it. Technically, you could analyze attendance reports and monitor agents in real time to tell how engaged they are. However, this is more of a workaround and doesn’t provide the tools you need to keep your agents engaged. Tymeshift also doesn’t come with any gamification or coaching features.

AI functionalities

Kaizo’s Samurai extension uses up-to-date AI technology to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your tickets, allowing you to rate and assess each of them in no time. This system helps you identify negative customer and agent feelings, sort tickets according to sentiment and empathy, filter tickets by any criteria using AI, scan GPT summaries of calls and conversations, create precise call transcripts, and much more!

Meanwhile, Tymeshift doesn’t employ the use of any artificial intelligence or machine learning technology.

Data and reporting

The two tools simply report on different things. Tymeshift will show you insights into agent activity and attendance, staffing requirements, and custom parameters you set yourself.

Kaizo provides information about both Quality Assurance and agent performance. You can stay up-to-date with over 35 metrics in real time, making it easier to track and enhance your agents’ productivity. 

Kaizo’s Scorecards give your agents, QA raters, and managers the ability to challenge negative reviews. This will motivate agents to take ownership of their metrics instead of feeling powerless.

Sample reporting in Kaizo

🤯 Say goodbye to reporting headaches! Use Kaizo to check individual agent scorecards, dig deeper into their performance, and track progress over time. Try now.


Kaizo offers transparent pricing with subscriptions starting at $16/user/month when billed annually. You also benefit from an extended 30-day trial for free.

Tymeshift plans start at $15/user/month when billed annually. A 10-day trial is also available.

Enjoy a complete support operations suite with Kaizo

You simply can’t manage all your operations by relying just on the scheduling and forecasting that Tymeshift provides.

Teams are only able to save as much as 20 hours weekly, reduce their resolution time, and increase ticket processing using a complete customer support QA platform like Kaizo.

Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations at Capital.com, relies on Kaizo to solve a variety of use cases including:

  • Keeping up with increasing demands as they’re scaling their team
  • Automating processes and updates
  • Ensuring continuous feedback and coaching
  • Decluttering their tech space

Melanie Lange, Head of Customer Communications Operations Excellence at Marley Spoon, also opted for Kaizo to solve a lack of visibility during a hyper-growth phase. Specifically, she ran automated real-time insights and QA from within the platform:

“It was two birds with one stone. Our two main issues of lagging and inaccurate data were solved with the weighted performance scorecards’ instant insights.

We’ve scaled our QA process from rating 3-5 tickets each week per agent to reviewing more than 5,000 conversations every month. The granularity and accuracy of the QA tool allow us to know exactly which niche topics to tackle each week in performance improvement plans.”

👉 Get 100% of your tickets automatically rated! Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to standardize and speed up Quality Assurance while removing human error and prejudice from the picture. Try for free!

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