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Top 5 Level AI alternatives to match your CS needs

levelai alternatives

If you’re already using Level AI you know two things:

  1. It’s exceptionally good when it comes to providing AI-based real-time agent assistance
  2. It can be difficult to use because of frequent bugs and delays.

In fact, despite its varied customer service and sales performance use cases, even users who rate the tool positively are challenged by the tool’s irregularities.

That’s where Level AI alternatives come in to offer you a better experience and extensive use cases.

Pros and cons of each Level AI alternative [+Why you should try them out]

1. Kaizo

best level ai alternative

If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one alternative to Level AI, Kaizo is the best pick. It’ll help you with diverse use cases such as agent performance management, automated quality assurance, team coaching, and simply keeping your agents engaged. 

With its latest AI advancements and gamification technology you can speed up QA and ensure your team is enjoying their daily tasks. Plus, Kaizo’s automated quality assurance capabilities help you rate all tickets in seconds. It’s just like having an assistant that does the rating for you while your human raters will only have to review the notes Samurai generated and make changes where needed. 

Besides Auto QA, Samurai can also create detailed summaries and transcriptions of all your tickets, sort them by sentiment and empathy, and give agents automated performance feedback.

Best for: companies looking for an all-in-one solution, large teams, as well as teams that need AI coaching and automated QA.

Kaizo advantages:

  • 100% customizable Auto QA to set your own standards and goals, choose IQS targets, and decide how many weekly QA ratings you need to cover (Samurai)
  • AI coaching to save you time on generating and summarizing coaching cards for 1-1 coaching sessions and meetings 
  • Cutting-edge performance coaching, reporting, and real-time agent communication 
  • Instant call transcription and real-time AI conversation summaries (Samurai)
  • Workforce engagement tool to empower agents with personalized goals, transparent communication, and easy achievement tracking
  • Smooth integration with Zendesk and Salesforce
  • Fun user experience thanks to its game engine technology

Kaizo disadvantages:

  • Only Zendesk and Salesforce users can use it at the moment

What users say:

“With all the tools available over the past two years we’ve been able to improve our Response Time by over 70%, our CSAT by 8%, and with Samurai, cut QA time by 50%!”

Jonathan Griffin, Director of Customer Success at SteelSeries.

“Kaizo is a user-friendly tool that allows us to easily track the metrics of each team, evaluate the quality of service, and motivate our agents. The Kaizo team is very receptive to any feedback and tries to do its best to satisfy each customer.”

Michelle Schmidt, Customer Service Quality Assurance & Training Officer at GAMING1

“Kaizo is a multi-functional tool that has the best user-friendly interface, will simplify your QA, help you effectively communicate with agents, and make them engaged, especially if you are working with remote teams. In one click, you can show the agent their performance. Another click – you show them average team or individual performance over the last six months, for example. It’s all there so you save lots of time.”

Vera Abdul Sater, Head of Customer Support Operations at Capital.com

2. Balto

    thelevelai alternative balto

    Balto is a real-time agent guidance platform for teams who want to give agents on-the-spot tips during calls. If you’re running a customer service crew and you want to bring in some AI-powered help to make sure your agents are always on point with quick and accurate responses, Balto’s your jam.

    Best for: Balto is the best Level AI alternative for offering real-time agent assistance.

    Balto advantages:

    • Real-time agent coaching and deficit recognition
    • Live notetaker and automated call summarization
    • User-friendly interface for quick setup

    Balto disadvantages:

    • There’s no free trial and no pricing transparency 
    • Doesn’t come with native workforce engagement features

    What users say:

    “Most of its features but more on the ability to review data, it helps me to quantify the data that I need and help me analyze reports more accurately and efficiently. It also helps my team a lot to monitor our employees and help my employees improve the quality of their work through Balto’s guide on how they need to do on their calls to provide the best customer service.”

    Romina T., Operations Manager

    “Balto has helped my team to have meaningful conversations thus increasing our conversion rate. Checklist (sample questions to understand the business need) and Dynamic Prompts (suggested rebuttals) are the most used features of my team. As a leader, I like their reporting and analytics and Call Explorer which helped me coach my reps effectively.”

    Irene C., Sr. SDR Manager

    “Balto is really very helpful when it comes to talk tracks. You will never missed any of rebuttals when it comes to customer’s objection and asking insightful questions to know more about customer’s purpose and pain points.”

    Mia P., Sales Development Representative

    3. MaestroQA

      thelevelai alternative maestroqa

      This Level AI alternative gives you a crystal clear understanding of what your customers are really after before your agents even type a response. With extensive insights, you can use this customer service QA platform to assess what’s going well within your support efforts and where you need to improve.

      Best for: A good choice if you need screen captures to record your agents’ interactions.

      MaestroQA advantages:

      • Just like Kaizo, MaestroQA offers a comprehensive range of tools to automate QA tasks, boasting robust reporting and insightful analytics
      • With a plethora of third-party integrations available, you can connect many of your tools

      MaestroQA disadvantages:

      • It’s exclusively focused on quality assurance
      • It comes with advanced coaching workflows but they’re not AI-assisted like with Kaizo or Level AI
      • The artificial intelligence capabilities are limited
      • There’s no Auto QA feature to rate tickets automatically
      • Is missing features for workforce engagement and motivation
      • No option for a free trial to test the app beforehand

      What users say:

      “I love the annotations features in Maestro. I also love the drop-down features as I find this helpful to close each section when I am finished grading that part. I keep all of the sections open for the ones I need to continue to work on.”

      Meara T., Support Mentor

      “Maestro takes everything that I need to perform my job duties and puts in one easy to find place. I have noticed that I can audit a case a lot faster since everything I need is in Maestro. I also love that I can customize it to fit my needs.”

      Shirley M., Quality Auditor

      “Maestro is a get performance analysis tool, its easy to use and helps me to evaluate myself and form solid plans for future growth. Compared to other QU tools it is simple and easy and keeps all my reviews in one place and consistent.”

      Marysa K., Support Advisor

      👉 Don’t waste any more time on manual quality assurance! Use Kaizo’s Auto QA to standardize and speed up the process while removing human error and bias. Try for free! Ready for a change? Check how Kaizo compares to MaestroQA here.

      4. CallMiner 

        thelevelai alternative callminer

        CallMiner’s got a couple of tools aimed at upgrading your customer service game. There’s their RealTime deal, which taps into AI to keep an eye on conversations and give agents a nudge or flag problems automatically. Then, there’s CallMiner Eureka, a platform for analyzing and understanding what your customers are saying (text or speech form).

        Best for: VoC (Voice of Customer) alternative for Level AI’s VoC insights.

        CallMiner advantages:

        • Omnichannel analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that connect text-based and audio interactions
        • Agent coaching capabilities with automated scoring, data-based feedback, and progress monitoring
        • Real-time agent guidance
        • High-quality call transcriptions and screen recorder

        📝 Effortless transcription can happen! Kaizo’s Samurai AI extension automatically transcribes calls in over 50 languages. Try Samurai!

        CallMiner disadvantages:

        • No free trial 
        • Pricing isn’t transparently displayed on their website
        • Both the product’s interface and common workflows might be difficult to use for first-time users

        What users say:

        “I love the reporting, the visuals, and it is a very user friendly system with a great team of contacts to help you along the way!”

        Chelsea B., Operations Analyst

        “The depth and customizable nature of the CM tool is truly impressive, and so important when it comes to finding data that matters. Even when the needed feature isn’t there, The team is great at talking feedback and implementing ideas to continually innovate their tool.”

        Nicolas M., Lead CSAT and Quality Analyst

        “What I’ve enjoyed the most is having access to so many different data points. Before CallMiner, the only data sources that our Quality team could use to support the Contact Center were data points that we manually gathered. Touching less than 1% of our calls, there was so much valuable information left untouched. We now have data at our fingertips to better serve our internal and external customers!”

        Abby W., Call Quality Manager

        5. Medallia 

          thelevelai alternative medallia

          Medallia’s Agent Connect product zeroes in on pinpointing negative feedback and flagging tickets that need manual reviews. This frees up time so leaders can offer personalized 1:1 feedback and coaching. With its Signals feature, you can gather feedback from diverse channels like videos, chat messaging, surveys, IoT integrations, and point of sale data.

          Best for: teams that need an advanced VoC solution that can handle all communication channels.

          Medallia advantages:

          • Provides mobile access so work-from-anywhere teams can stay connected 
          • There’s a large breadth of integrations to choose from
          • Relies extensively on artificial intelligence for analytics so you can better perform root cause analyses
          • Comes with a large variety of tools for capturing customer feedback (e.g. surveys, video, employee feedback, etc.)

          Medallia disadvantages:

          • No free trial and no pricing transparency (current users note the solution can get expensive)
          • Certain AI capabilities are limited as they require a minimum set of surveys or customer interactions for the model to work
          • A lot of QA features such as rating tickets through scorecards can only be done through workarounds like templates (not native features)

          What users say:

          “Medallia doesn’t just focus on setting up and running CX measurement software, they support the company to develop a quality program based on best practices. Medallia has a very interesting knowledge platform, where you can find out about the latest trends in CX.”

          Sergio O., Market Research

          “Medallia’s user interface is top notch. They also provide solutions and integrations that are easy to make sure my business is getting the insights they need. Their innovation in solutions into the existing service package is a breath of fresh air in an industry constantly trying to choke the next dollar out of you by hiding new features behind paywall.”

          Warren E., Business Intelligence Program Manager

          “Medallia makes it easy to collect and distribute customer feedback within your company. Employees can easily see customer feedback, and Medallia tools make it easy to understand what customers tell you for every level of your organization.”

          Joe K., Principal, Market Insight Analyst

          Next steps for trying out these Level AI alternatives

          Let’s break it down on when you’d lean towards each of these Level AI alternatives:

          • Kaizo: Ideal for companies that need an all-in-one solution (especially big teams or those needing AI coaching)
          • Balto: The top pick if you’re hunting for real-time agent support, making it a solid Level AI alternative.
          • MaestroQA: A smart move if you’re into capturing screen interactions to track all calls.
          • CallMiner: Your go-to VoC choice, particularly for snagging those VoC insights like Level AI does.
          • Medallia: The best pick if you’re after a VoC solution with advanced features that let you tap into every single interaction a customer has with your company.

          Like Level AI, Kaizo offers AI capabilities and strong conversation insights. But Kaizo goes beyond this with automated QA, advanced performance coaching, and workforce engagement. For a closer look at the entire suite of Kaizo features, book a demo to see them in action for your exact requirements.

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