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Ticketless Accepted into STATION F

Ticketless x StationF

We are excited to announce that Ticketless has been accepted into the Zendesk for Startups incubation program. Together with two other young startups, Greenfly.ai and True AI, we have been selected to join STATION F, the world’s biggest startup campus in Paris as of November 2019.

What does the ‘Zendesk for Startups’ Program mean for Ticketless?

 The incubation allows startups to have privileged access to international marketing and sales teams as well as Zendesk’s business experts. Communication between startups and internal teams is open. The founders of the startups are in regular contact with the Zendesk team, whether for technical integration, commercial or even highlighting the startups during marketing campaigns or events.

 “Joining Zendesk Incubation Program is a great opportunity for Ticketless to build a stronger brand and grow faster,” Dominik Blattner, CEO and founder of Ticketless says. “Though our headquarters remain in Amsterdam, we believe that joining STATION F opens for us great resources and access to an inspiring community of entrepreneurs.”

 What is Station F?

STATION F is the biggest startup campus in the world. Located in central Paris and backed by entrepreneur-investor Xavier Niel, the 34,000 sq meter building hosts an entire startup ecosystem under one roof. More than 1000 startups and many other international members of the international startup ecosystem are on campus daily. 

 There’s never been a more exciting time to work in the customer support software industry. We’re proud to be amongst the top contributors changing the way the world does customer support. This opportunity extended to us by Zendesk and STATION F will allow us to innovate and create alongside other industry leaders and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 

 If you want to read more about our induction into STATION F, check out to the Zendesk press release.

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